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Peaceful Coexistence with all Mind States

Ajahn Viradhammo discusses developing receptive awareness and the cessation of mind states. He explains how witnessing one’s mental reaction to difficult people and situations inclines the mind to cessation, and to realizing that the mental reaction is not who one is. (Dhamma talk via Zoom recorded on 8 May 2020. Duration 38:31).

Knowing Opinions as Uncertain is Liberating

Ven. Khemako discusses how holding tightly to fixed views and opinions is taking refuge in the unreliable. He explains how, by framing opinions in terms of the 3 characteristics (i.e., Anicca, Dukkha, Anatta), you are taking refuge in the Dhamma. (Dhamma talk at Tisarana Monastery on 1 February 2020. Duration 27:18)

Witnessing versus Attaching to Views and Opinions

Ajahn Viradhammo describes how attachment to opinions leads to Dukkha. He then explains how seeing an opinion simply as an object in awareness allows the heart to be open in difficult situations (Dhamma talk recorded via Zoom on 26 June 2020. Duration 37:34)