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Determination of the Heart (Vintage) (Part 1)

Ajahn Viradhammo gave this Dhamma talk a few days before Luang Por Chah’s cremation. He includes details of how and why the training he received from Luang Por was so fruitful and inspiring, particularly his emphasis on non-attachment. (Dhamma talk recorded at Wat Pah Nanachat on 12 January 1993. Duration 29:47)

Two Kinds of Thought

Tan Khemako responds to a question about how to cultivate right speech in ones own mind. He bases his talk in the framework of the Noble Eightfold Path and includes reference to the Dvedhavitakka Sutta (Majjhima Nikaya 19). (Dhamma talk recorded at the Quaker House in Ottawa on 15 November 2019. Duration 47:27)

Cultivating the Motivation to Meditate

Two weeks into the winter retreat Tan Khemako considers how to skillfully increase ones motivation to practice formal meditation when the mind is being distracted by trivial pursuits. He gives a summary of the Rattapala Sutta (Majjhima Nikaya Sutta 82) and reflects on its message. (Talk recorded at Tisarana on 20 January 2019. Duration 33:23)

A Mind That’s Not Suffering

Venerable Khemako gives a guided medition, and follows by offering some Dhamma reflections. He addresses the fundamentals of the Buddhist path, namely the Four Noble Truths and the Noble Eightfold Path, and the primacy of reducing mental suffering. (Guided Meditation and Dhamma Talk recorded at Tisarana on 2 April, 2019. Duration 1:42:05)

Strengthening the Capacity to be Aware

Ajahn Viradhammo describes the path of practice to participants of the Ottawa Buddhist Society’s Day of Mindfulness, pointing out how our experience is better understood through verbs rather than nouns. He follows with a guided loving-kindness meditation. (Dhamma talk and guided meditation recorded at Tu-An Pagoda on 20 April 2019. Duration 1:11:11)

Skillful Uses of Time for Long-term Happiness

Tan Khemako uses the simile of training a horse as a way to explain the training of the mind to be skillful, step by step. He explains how to find pleasure in doing things that give long-term benefits. (Talk recorded at Tisarana on 2 November 2018. Duration 1:02:33)