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Ajahn Viradhammo – Ottawa Buddhist Society Retreat (2018)

As the Tisarana community begins its Winter Retreat for 2019, we aware of others in the wider lay community that have the time and interest to devote themselves to more formal meditation practice.

In light of this, we would like to share the following recordings that were recently given during a retreat at the Ottawa Buddhist Society. The retreat was lead by Ajahn Viradhammo and was held on September 21-28, 2018 at the Galilee Centre.

  1. 21 Sep. – Introduction and Precepts
  2. 22 Sep. 6:00 AM – Guided Meditation
  3. 22 Sep. 8:30 AM – Reflections
  4. 22 Sep. 1:30 PM – Reflections
  5. 22 Sep. 7:00 PM – Dhamma Talk
  6. 23 Sep. 6:00 AM – Guided Meditation
  7. 23 Sep. 8:30 AM – Reflections
  8. 23 Sep. 9:00 AM – Guided Meditation
  9. 23 Sep. 1:30 PM – Reflections
  10. 23 Sep. 2:00 PM – Guided Meditation
  11. 23 Sep. 7:00 PM – Dhamma Talk
  12. 24 Sep. 8:30 AM – Reflections
  13. 24 Sep. 1:30 PM – Reflections
  14. 24 Sep. 7:00 PM – Dhamma Talk
  15. 25 Sep. 8:30 AM – Reflections
  16. 25 Sep. 1:30 PM – Reflections
  17. 25 Sep. 7:45 PM – Dhamma Talk
  18. 26 Sep. 8:30 AM – Reflections
  19. 26 Sep. 1:30 PM – Reflections
  20. 26 Sep. 7:45 PM – Dhamma Talk
  21. 27 Sep.
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Dhamma Orientation

In response to a large gathering following the Saturday afternoon program, Ajahn Sucitto discusses the characteristic of not self, the connection of mind and body, and the the ability to recollect your own virtues in order to calm the mind. He encourages us to be alert and reposed, restful but alert. (Q&A recorded at Tisarana on 15 September 2018. Duration 28:29)

You’re on Death Row, You Know

Ajahn Sucitto reflects on the fragility of life, and encourages a Saturday afternoon gathering at Tisarana to cultivate the only real refuge, awareness. He leads a guided meditation of body-based mindfulness using the sitting, standing and walking postures. He also responds to questions about the inner tyrant and on how to develop kindness to oneself. (Guided meditation recorded at Tisarana on 15 September 2018. Duration 2:04:53)

The Eight Worldly Winds

Tan Khemako explains how suffering as a result of praise and blame, pleasure and pain, fame and obscurity, and wealth and poverty, the Eight Worldly Winds, is entirely optional. He shows that the key is learning to let go of the mind’s tendency for grasping by developing wise reflection in order to see things as they really are. (Talk recorded at Tisarana on 30 November 2018. Duration 33:38)

You Sit in the Fire

Ajahn Viradhammo explores the difference between awakening to the various emotions that arise and in seeing them from a perspective of idealism. By letting go of idealism and simply being with any type of mind state, even states like anger and self-criticism can be known with compassion and a sense that they all belong. (Talk recorded at Tisarana on 17 October 2018. Duration 37:37)


Ajahn Viradhammo expounds the benefit of learning how to stop when we come to a difficult experience, and just be with the full knowing of that reality, instead of looking for some kind of distraction. By repeatedly practising this way, he shows that this is the path to liberation. (Talk recorded at Tisarana on 9 October 2018. Duration 31:43)


In one of the many topics talked about during a discussion with lay guests, Ajahn Viradhammo gives some history on how the Ajahn Chah tradition came into existence and developed into one of the most successful traditions from Thailand. He mentions some of the problems of how Buddhism was being practiced, namely being mixed with other beliefs. This led to a necessary renewal which meant going against the way people practiced Buddhism. (Q&A recorded at Tisarana on 20 August 2018. Duration 1:07:56)

The Field of OK-ness

Venerable Khemako points out that even in near perfect conditions, our minds can be subject to habit patterns that cause sadness, misery, anger, and so on. Referring to the Buddha’s advice in the Discourse on Not-Self, he explains how every moment is an opportunity to develop a wholesome habit pattern, and create kamma that leads the mind on a path from suffering to happiness.

(Talk recorded at Tisarana on 15 November 2018. Duration 43:04)

A Reading of the Cosmos

Ajahn Sucitto explores the value of the Dhamma Vinaya as laid out by the Buddha. By letting go of the grasping at individuality, he shows how respect and learning to live within a community are conditions leading to a harmonization with something larger than conventional reality.

(Talk recorded at Tisarana on 17 September 2018. Duration 37:20)

The Closest Approximation to Enlightenment You Can Get

Ajahn Viradhammo answers questions at tea time from Tisarana’s resident community about the attaching to tranquility compared to the Buddha’s goal of realization of the unconditioned, about dukkha and impermanence, the advantages and pitfalls of pleasure, about a Tibetan nun’s long period practising in solitude, and on the value of community practise.

(Q&A recorded at Tisarana on 31 October 2018. Duration 1:28:13)