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Zoom Dhamma session 30 April 2021 – Luang Por Viradhammo

Zoom Dhamma session, and Q&A with Luang Por Viradhammo.

Luang Por reflects on the loss of life due to COVID, around the world, how to be with Sadness. This talk is followed by a Question and answer session from participants.

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Practicing when your Attention is Like the Weather

Venerable Khemako discusses how calmness and stillness associated with meditation is a means to a higher end, not the end itself. He describes how one’s attention is variable like the weather, and how one can start with a coarse object of meditation and then see whether the mind can observe more details of, for example, the subtleties of the breath. (Dhamma talk recorded at OBS Arnprior retreat on 25 November 2019. Duration 31:34).

How to Disempower Difficult Mind States through Contrasts

Ajahn Viradhammo explains how to disempower difficult states of mind. He discusses how instilling contrasting states of mind can be helpful in becoming aware of and bearing with, for example, the self-critical mind. These contrasting states include body awareness and the Brahmaviharas. The talk concludes with a question and answer period. (Dhamma talk via Zoom recorded on 19 September 2020. Duration 48:00)

Ajahn Viradhammo – Thailand – Zoom Retreat – November 2020

This retreat at Rai Poonyavee, Thailand was conducted via Zoom with Ajahn Viradhammo. It included both guided meditations, Desanas (brief comments prior to the meditations), and Dhamma talks. Many thanks to the Angel Group Thailand for hosting the retreat and editing the recordings. Sadhu! Sadhu! Sadhu!

  1. Nov. 22 – Desana and Guided meditation
  2. Nov. 23 – Desana and Guided meditation
  3. Nov. 24 – Desana and Guided meditation
  4. Nov. 25 – Desana and Guided meditation
  5. Nov. 26 – Desana and Guided meditation
  6. Nov. 27 – Desana and Guided meditation
  7. Nov. 28 – Desana and Guided meditation
  8. Nov. 29 – Desana and Guided meditation

A. Nov. 21 – Dhamma Talk
B. Nov. 22 – Dhamma Talk
C. Nov. 23 – Dhamma Talk
D. Nov. 24 – Dhamma Talk
E. Nov. 25 – Dhamma Talk
F. Nov. 26 – Dhamma Talk
G. Nov. 27 – Dhamma Talk
H. Nov. 28 – Dhamma Talk
I. Nov. 29 – Dhamma Talk
J. Nov. 30 – Dhamma Talk

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Let Go of Self-criticism by Trusting in Change

Ajahn Viradhammo discusses how our misperceptions of ourselves are strongly conditioned, and feel very real. However, through trusting in the changing nature of mental phenomena, trusting in awareness, and patiently bearing with these difficult self-perceptions, we find the space to appreciate the beauty in our lives. (Dhamma talk via Zoom recorded on 12 July 2020. Duration 31:50)