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When Is the Next Moment?

Ajahn Viradhammo explores how practises such as metta bhavana and wise reflection can be used to create skillful pathways in a mind preoccupied with anger. In asking a question that doesn’t require an answer at just the right moment, he points a way to awakening the mind and being freed from preoccupation. (Talk recorded at the Tisarana on 9 September 2018. Duration 34:16)

Samatha and Vipassana Are Not Separate Techniques

Ajahn Pavaro has a tea time conversation with guests, and explains that if meditators lay down the conditions of dana (generosity), sila (moral precepts) and bhavana (mental cultivation), wisdom will arise. Meditators require different types of encouragement, which is not always based on meditation technique. (Q&A recorded at Tisarana on 1 August 2018. Duration 57:23)

Fender Benders

Ajahn Viradhammo, during Tisarana’s Kathina in 2018, reflects that the one thing we can count on in life is that: life will be disappointing. But even knowing that, when we don’t get what we want, we suffer. And when we get what we don’t want, we suffer. You can think about it, and feel resentful, and blame. That’s dukkha, that’s attachment. Or you can awaken and say: “Oh. This is a feeling of getting something that I don’t want.” And if you hold that feeling, if you hold that awareness, then that mood can’t dominate, can’t take control over your mind. (Talk recorded at the Stanleyville Hall on 28 October 2018. Duration 30:58)

Triggers and Foundation for Practice

Ajahn Pavaro speaks with guests at tea time on the triggers and process of becoming a monk. He also touches on the foundations of practice including kammatana and how spiritual qualities depend on and develop each other. (Q&A recorded at Tisarana on 27 August 2018. Duration 52:53)

Just Enough Friction to Get You Enlightened

Ajahn Viradhammo answers questions from Tisarana’s resident community concerning rebirth in contrast with not being reborn, on the different settings available for Buddhist practice, and on how to use Right Understanding to find a balance between being too tense and too relaxed in meditation. (Q&A recorded at Tisarana on 12 September 2018. Duration 51:36)

Ajahn Viradhammo – Ottawa Buddhist Society Retreat (2018)

As the Tisarana community begins its Winter Retreat for 2019, we aware of others in the wider lay community that have the time and interest to devote themselves to more formal meditation practice.

In light of this, we would like to share the following recordings that were recently given during a retreat at the Ottawa Buddhist Society. The retreat was lead by Ajahn Viradhammo and was held on September 21-28, 2018 at the Galilee Centre.

  1. 21 Sep. – Introduction and Precepts
  2. 22 Sep. 6:00 AM – Guided Meditation
  3. 22 Sep. 8:30 AM – Reflections
  4. 22 Sep. 1:30 PM – Reflections
  5. 22 Sep. 7:00 PM – Dhamma Talk
  6. 23 Sep. 6:00 AM – Guided Meditation
  7. 23 Sep. 8:30 AM – Reflections
  8. 23 Sep. 9:00 AM – Guided Meditation
  9. 23 Sep. 1:30 PM – Reflections
  10. 23 Sep. 2:00 PM – Guided Meditation
  11. 23 Sep. 7:00 PM – Dhamma Talk
  12. 24 Sep. 8:30 AM – Reflections
  13. 24 Sep. 1:30 PM – Reflections
  14. 24 Sep. 7:00 PM – Dhamma Talk
  15. 25 Sep. 8:30 AM – Reflections
  16. 25 Sep. 1:30 PM – Reflections
  17. 25 Sep. 7:45 PM – Dhamma Talk
  18. 26 Sep. 8:30 AM – Reflections
  19. 26 Sep. 1:30 PM – Reflections
  20. 26 Sep. 7:45 PM – Dhamma Talk
  21. 27 Sep.
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Dhamma Orientation

In response to a large gathering following the Saturday afternoon program, Ajahn Sucitto discusses the characteristic of not self, the connection of mind and body, and the the ability to recollect your own virtues in order to calm the mind. He encourages us to be alert and reposed, restful but alert. (Q&A recorded at Tisarana on 15 September 2018. Duration 28:29)