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Sadhu Sadhu ‘sadu’!

Ajahn Viradhammo talks about the four heavenly messengers: the old person, the sick person, the corpse, and the sadu (religious seeker). He recommends that we frequently reflect on these because they will rouse in us a sense of urgency to search for the deathless reality, just as they did for the Buddha. (Talk recorded at Pak Chong on 29 November 2019. Duration 34:59)

The Five Khandas

Tan Khemako reflects on the five khandas that constitute a ‘human being’, often talked about by the Buddha. Tan Khemako talks about how they feature in the Four Noble Truths teaching, and how we can learn to recognize them in our present moment experience. (Talk recorded at Tisarana on 2 January 2020. Duration 31:41)

Investigation or Ice Cream Cones

On Asalha Puja Ajahn Viradhammo reflects on the word ‘practice’, used nowadays by many monastics and lay meditators to refer to our cultivation of the Path. He suggests the terms investigation, reflection, and enquiry are more fitting for the mind states required to realize the unconditioned (Talk recorded at Tisarana on 16 July 2019. Duration 33.40)

You Turkey!

Ajahn Viradhammo talks about the way our minds attach to views and opinions, and answers a question about how to embrace fear. He gives the example that if we attach to self-criticism after making a mistake, we are simply creating kamma that will lead to future hateful mind-states. (Talk recorded at Pak Chong on 27 November 2019. Duration 44:38)