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Truth Beyond Happiness and Dukkha

Ajahn Sucitto describes how the pursuit of certainty and comfort acts as a barrier to the deep discharge of the pain of being. Discharge becomes available through allowing and handling the weight and intensities of unresolved dukkha. When approached with honesty and accuracy, there is the possibility to experience what is real, the unconditioned. (Talk given at Tisarana on 26-Mar-2017. Duration = 39:26)

Offering & Receiving: Training in the Relational Domain

Ajahn Sucitto reflects on how ways of relating at the monastery provide training for accessing the true place of citta. In the monastery we are encouraged to get beyond self-views of “have to”, “is it good enough” and “am I worthy” so the deeper qualities of citta – warmth, generosity, gratitude – can manifest. (Talk given at Tisarana on 25-Mar-2017. Duration = 31:12)

Three Perceptions to Cultivate in Practice

Ajahn Viradhammo describes a story in the Buddha’s life to remind us why we practice. He discusses the Buddhist perspective about the relationship between the conditioned and the unconditioned in the spiritual practice. He also identifies 3 affirmations as themes for the retreat: coming to the present, noticing objects in awareness, and noticing change
(Talk given in Toronto at the annual retreat on 05-May-2017. Duration = 40:36)

If You Grow Good Fruit, Eat It!

Ajahn Sucitto responds to a question about dana parami, describing the gift of safety that can be provided by keeping precepts and sustaining open awareness. He reminds us that in the field of dana we are also in a position to receive generosity, partaking of the good fruit we have grown.   This is a continuation of the previous talk, “Faith: The Grounds for Your Personal Monastery“. (Talk given at Tisarana on 24-Mar-2017. Duration = 13:59)

Faith: The Grounds for Your Personal Monastery

Addressing the universal need to find meaning, Ajahn Sucitto describes how faith and wisdom work together in this search to set us free. He encourages the group, upon leaving the supports of the monastery structures and routines, to sustain forms of practice and personal protocols for wholesome actions as a way to keep one rooted in what has true meaning. (Talk given at Tisarana on 24-Mar-2017. Duration = 33:47)

Transpersonal: The Place of Don’t Have To

Ajahn Sucitto describes how our efforts to be good and “get it right” tend to come from a constricting place. Such efforts are accompanied by self-consciousness, criticism and stress which block access to the innate good qualities of our own heart. This talk outlines a way to move from the strategies of the head to the opening of the heart by coming into the body.
(Talk given at Tisarana on 23-Mar-2017. Duration = 27:44)

Relying on Your Gut Intelligence

In this morning talk, Ajahn Sucitto points to a gut intelligence we all have that can be relied on to save us from the thinking mind. The thinking mind creates suffering. Our embodied (gut) intelligence is a saviour, a source of safety; it always tells the truth. (Talk given at Tisarana on 22-Mar-2017. Duration = 24:09)