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Decisions, Choices and Firm Determination

Ajahn VIradhammo offers reflection: “Having made the decision to observe the arising and cessation of resistance, we should make our choices accordingly and determine to abide by them. Wisdom informs effort, effort informs action, and action is in line with the Dhamma and no longer performed out of habit. Adhitthana will help maintain our decision, but should not entail a sense of non-forgiveness or excessive self-criticism.” (Talk given at Tisarana on 10-Jan-2017. Duration = 23:32)

Guided Meditation: Beyond Observing Resistance

“One step beyond observing sensations is observing the resistance that arises from sensations.”  Ajahn Viradhammo guides meditators in separating discomfort from resistance to discomfort, and in observing the energy and changing nature of resistance itself. (Talk given at Tisarana on 10-Jan-2017. Duration = 1:02:36)

Real Peace, or What Happens when Change Stops Changing

Ajahn Viradhammo explains how real peace goes beyond physical or emotional happiness. Real peace comes from experiencing the vicissitudes of life from a position of awareness: by observing change in conditioned things, we become available to the unconditioned, to the unchanging, and to ultimate peace. (Talk given at Tisarana on 09-Jan-2017. Duration = 38:22)

Ajahn Chah Memorial Day – The Lotus and the Tumbleweed

Ajahn Sucitto reminisces about Ajahn Chah’s predilection for the unplanned as well as his ability to perceive exactly what the present moment required. Being grounded in the present, says Ajahn Sucitto, is like watching a lotus, solidly rooted in Dhamma, blossom; whereas being immersed in plans for the future makes us as aimless as tumbleweeds. (Talk given at Tisarana on 16-Jan-2017. Duration = 42:37)

A Million and One Ways to Wisdom

Ajahn Viradhammo explores the different ways in which we can adapt our meditation technique to our present disposition. He explains how to maintain a vigorous posture by locking the Hara, and how to practice yoga Nidra. For dullness, one can use complexity, such as intricate visualizations or recitation of a sutta, or evoking each individual in the room and sending them loving kindness. (Talk given at Tisarana on 08-Jan-2017. Duration = 33:23)