New Visitor Orientation Training

The Buddhist Monastic tradition from Asia has only recently found a footing in Western cultures, and for this reason our structures, protocols, rules, relationships, and ways of doing things can seem strange and perhaps mysterious. We welcome all sincere practitioners interested in training with our community and we want you to feel confident and comfortable with our ways. The New Visitor Orientation Training Course is a 2 1/2-day (2 nights) educational seminar intended to familiarize you with important aspects of the monastery, our training, and our tradition.

We aim to offer this training once per month, May – December. Generally the course will start on a Friday afternoon and end on Sunday after the post-meal cleanup. Please plan to stay for the entire course, arriving before the beginning and departing after the end.

The training runs from 4:30PM on Day 1 through 3PM on Day 3. To sign up for this program please have a look at the scheduled trainings on the Calendar, have a look at the Visiting page for general guidelines for what’s expected of visitors, and make a booking.