Taking Public Transportation

Please note that we do not provide rides from Perth or Smith Falls to the monastery because of the frequency of guests coming and going. The following are some options for public transportation:

To Perth or Smith Falls

By Bus:

Greyhound currently has bus lines running from Ottawa to Perth, Toronto to Perth, as well as more distant locations. Perth is about a 25 minute drive from the monastery

By Train:

VIA Rail Canada currently runs trains from Toronto and Kingston to Smith Falls. Smith Falls is about a 40 minute drive from the monastery.

Once in Perth or Smith Falls

By Taxi:

The cost for a taxi from the town of Perth to the monastery in 2015 was $37.50.

There are two local taxi services which can take you from Perth or Smith Falls to the monastery. Access Taxi is located in Perth (1-877-760-7798) and Smith Falls (613) 283-1441. K and K Cab is also located in Perth (1-877-767-2389).

By Walking:

You can also walk from Perth if you pack light. The journey is a little over 3 hours. Please use Google maps to get directions for this.