Tisarana is a monastery in the Thai forest tradition of Theravāda Buddhism. It is located 15km from Perth in the countryside a little more than an hour southwest of Ottawa, Canada.

The monastery is a residence for Buddhist monks and those who wish to train as Buddhist monks. It also functions as a spiritual sanctuary for interested friends who may visit for varying periods of time. Ajahn Vīradhammo is the resident senior monk at Tisarana.

News Update

As our community grows and expands, the need for a larger space dedicated to meditation, silence and teaching has become apparent. To address this need, a building sub-committee, headed by Ajahn V and Adam Mackenzie Smith, our architect, was formed. Over the past year, the building committee has made significant progress developing plans for a new ... (click here to read the full update)

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Latest Podcast

Offering & Receiving: Training in the Relational Domain:

Ajahn Sucitto reflects on how ways of relating at the monastery provide training for accessing the true place of citta. In the monastery we are encouraged to get beyond self-views of “have to”, “is it good enough” and “am I worthy” so the deeper qualities of citta – warmth, generosity, …

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