Tisarana is a monastery in the Thai forest tradition of Theravāda Buddhism. It is located 15km from Perth in the countryside a little more than an hour southwest of Ottawa, Canada.

The monastery is a residence for Buddhist monks and those who wish to train as Buddhist monks. It also functions as a spiritual sanctuary for interested friends who may visit for varying periods of time. Ajahn Vīradhammo is the resident senior monk at Tisarana.

News Update

The Tisarana Community is pleased to share our photo book for the Summer of 2018. You can view the photo book online, download it or request a print copy. A French version is also available. View Online English French Download PDF English Cover English Main French Cover French Main Ordering a Print Copy If you woul... (click here to read the full update)

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In one of the many topics talked about during a discussion with lay guests, Ajahn Viradhammo gives some history on how the Ajahn Chah tradition came into existence and developed into one of the most successful traditions from Thailand. He mentions some of the problems of how Buddhism was being …

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