The creation and running of a monastery is very much a group effort. Countless skills and resources are needed. Below are some ideas of ways to contribute your time and skills:


There is a frequent need for trips from the monastery to Perth and sometimes to Ottawa. Offering a ride allows the driver to have more contact with the monastic community as well as learn more about Buddhist practice and the monastic form. Please contact us if you are interested in offering a local ride to a monk or several monks.

Special Skills

The running of the monastery requires the pooling of many skill sets. There is a need for many different skills such as: gardening, amateur arborist (e.g. tree pruning), grounds maintenance, carpentry, electrical, plumbing, accounting, office documentation, photography, editing, etc. Please contact us if you’d like to make a general offer to help with your special skill or if you have an idea for a special project you’d like to do.


Also, please subscribe to our newsfeed (see “Sign Up For Updates!”, at the bottom of this page) as we do occasionally announce a specific volunteer opportunity.