Winter Retreat Stewards Needed

Winter is quickly approaching, and we are now considering applications for anyone wishing to join the winter retreat as a steward. From the beginning of January until the end of March, the monks and Anagarikas at Tisarana put away projects and minimize their worldly commitments, so that these three months can be devoted to more intensive meditation and study.

Each year, 4 or 5 lay friends join the retreat to help in the kitchen and office. Anyone interested in being a steward during the winter retreat could contact us at

Visiting Monks from Boston Vihara

Ajahn Jayanto, Venerable Caganando, Anagarika John, and Bruce made the 10-hour trip from the Boston area to visit us for 6 days. They’re part of our same Ajahn Chah lineage, and they’ve come to say hello and pay respects to Ajahn Viradhammo. They’re also seeing Tisarana for the first time, and getting to know the resident community better. They are also grateful for the break in city living, where they’ve been temporarily set up, as they search for a potential properties to establish a Forest Monastery.

They’ve been invited by supporters to investigate, and potentially set up a Forest Monastery in the New England area. More information is available at

While in our area, they’ll also be visiting Sati Saraniya.

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