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Timeless Practise

Tan Khemako explains that everything that we can experience happens in the present moment, whereas the past and the future are merely mental representations. He shows how investigating the mind in the present moment is the way out of dukkha. (Dhamma talk recorded at Tisarana Monastery on December 7, 2019. Duration: 50:46)

Awakening the Heart to Purity

At a Saturday afternoon public meditation session, Ajahn Khemasiri explains the purposes and benefits of meditation. He notes that cultivating an understanding of how our minds work can be very helpful in providing a sense of calm and peace. However, he suggests that there can be purposes of meditation beyond the benefits of grounding and investigation – purposes such as cultivating a place of pure awareness and awakening the heart to purity. (Dhamma talk recorded at Tisarana Monastery 10 August 2019. Duration: 38:15).

Kathina 2019

On Sunday, 27 October, the Tisarana community will be celebrating this year’s Kathina ceremony starting at 10:30am. Doors open at 9:00 AM.

The event will be held at the Stanleyville Hall across the street from the St. Bridget Church in Stanleyville, which is only 5 minutes from Tisarana Monastery. The address is 844 Stanley Rd, Stanleyville, ON K0G 1K0. Everybody is invited to participate in this auspicious occasion.

The Kathina ceremony is a 2,500-year-old tradition celebrated across Buddhist monasteries around the world. Following the end of three-months rains retreat period, the Buddha allowed for the lay community to make offerings of cloth and other requests to the Bhikkhu Sangha. The word “Kaṭhina” refers to the frame on which cloth is attached to while sewing robes. Cloth offered on Kathina will be used that day to produce a robe that will then be offered to one of the monks. The Kathina ceremony signifies and celebrates the deep relationships between the lay and monastic communities.

The doors will open at 9AM and the preliminary ceremonies will began at 10:30AM, followed by a meal offering and blessing. At 1PM, the Kathina offering ceremony will take place followed by a Dhamma reflection. This year’s Kathina offering is sponsored by a group of Ottawa Buddhist families and friends.… Read the rest

At Ease with Bees

For the Lunar Observance evening talk, Tan Khemako reflects on our habit of thinking that we know what is going to happen next. He tells a story showing how unexpected events help us wake up to the uncertainty of life. He also explains how training and developing wholesome thoughts and actions aid us in reacting to unexpected events in skillful ways. (Dhamma talk recorded at Tisarana Monastery on September 6, 2019. Duration: 33:39)

Conforming towards Freedom

On a windy, late summer’s evening at Tisarana, Ajahn Viradhammo reflects on the freedom that comes from conforming to the monastic rules and way of life. With this foundation for freedom, he discusses how we can let go of one’s self-narrative and perspectives, and abide with the reality of awareness of change. (Dhamma talk recorded at Tisarana Monastery on 13 September 2019. Duration: 36:23)

Not Self is the Way to Happiness

Upon savouring the community’s chanting of the Anatta Lakkhana Sutta, the Discourse on Not Self, Venerable Khemako points out why looking for happiness in the body and mind is destined to fail. He then describes the solution given by the Buddha, which leads to real, lasting happiness. (Talk recorded at Tisarana on 27 February 2019. Duration 41:14)

Heads I Win, Tails You Lose

Venerable Khemako explains how the mind is constantly playing tricks on itself, asserting truths about the world and our identity. He shows how the very rules of our mind are rigged, and that the Buddha’s path is the way out of this trap.(Talk recorded at Tisarana on 13 January 2019. Duration 36:50)

Q&A with Luang Por Sumedho

Visitors take advantage of the wonderful and rare opportunity speak with Luang Por Sumedho during a Question and Answer session here at Tisarana. A variety of topics were raised, one being how one should develop a sense of ‘samvega’ , or spiritual urgency, in ones practice and daily life. (Q&A recorded at Tisarana in July 2019. Duration 44:17).

Tea Time with Ajahn Asoko

During his short period of time here at Tisarana, Luang Por Sumedho’s attendant, Ajahn Asoko, answers questions from various guests staying at the monastery at tea time. One subject brought up was how one should skillful practice Asuba meditation, contemplating the unattractive nature of the body as a means of letting go of our sense of self and attachment to it. (Q&A recorded at Tisarana on 26 July 2019. Duration 1:38:13)

Don’t Take Anything Home With You

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Tahn Ajahn Khemasiri, visiting from and former Abbot of Dhammapala monastery in Switzerland, explores how we can hold different levels of Buddhist conventions, pointing out that the conventions are a framework to support our practice, he encourages his fellow mediators to not cling to any results, but instead to embody our experiences in our daily life. (Talk recorded at Tisarana on 24 July 2019. Duration 30:22)