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Angel Group Retreat Day 02 – Session 01 | Luang Por Viradhammo | 17 Jul 21

In this session, Luang Por Explores, the 2nd nobe truth, or the Cessation of suffering, in a practical context. The theme is Nirodha. Or stopping. Bringing trust to awareness rather than thought. Acknowledging thought, but not resisting it. Sessions begins with instructions, guided meditation, and conclusion.

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“Prepare the heart and happiness will come to you” | Ajahn Pavaro | 08 Jun 2021

The first zoom session with the Indonesian group. Ajahn Pavaro, provides an introduction to the Thai Forest Sangha, as espoused by Ajahn Chah.
He discusses “Don’t know” mind. Anicca (Impermanence). He goes onto talk about how the practice, if stuck with, eventually carries the practitioner through the tumult and uncertainties of life. This is followed by a few questions from the group that he addresses.

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West Coast Friends session | Ajahn Pavaro | 18 Jun 21

Ajahn Pavaro, speaks of a unique way to reignite, a flagging spiritual practice. Reading the Suttas with an open heart. In order to rouse inspiration in the heart. To evoke a sense of wonder. He uses the example of Venerable Sariputta’s enlightenment. Using the MN 74 Dighanakha Sutta, as inspiration.

The session is followed by Questions and answers.

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New Dhamma Hall Site Clearing Ceremony, Sunday August 15th.

We are going to have a site clearing ceremony for the New Dhamma Hall on Sunday, August 15th starting at 1pm. An outline of the new Hall will be laid out on the ground which we will all circumambulate with social distancing, and then the Sangha will chant parittas so as to to bless the site and the trees that will have to be cut down to make room for the new Hall. Once finished, we can begin clearing the land to get ready for the start of construction this coming spring of 2022.

All are invited to this important ceremony for the New Dhamma Hall, which is coming about after many years of inspiring generosity and planning. Due to lingering Covid concerns there won’t be a shared meal before the ceremony but feel free to bring your own meal and enjoy the monastery grounds. See you then.… Read the rest

Notice of the Annual General Meeting for the Year 2020

Date of AGM: Sunday the August 29, 2021.

Place: Tisarana Buddhist Monastery – 1356 Powers Road, Perth, Ontario K7H 3C5

Time: 130pm (EDT)

The Directors of the Board of Tisarana Buddhist Monastery cordially invite all members of good standing to attend the Annual General Meeting (AGM) scheduled to be held on Sunday, August 29, 2021 at 1.30 PM. 


Tilak Gunawardhane
Secretary to the Board

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