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Happiness as a Method

Ajahn Viradhammo gives a reflection about whether happiness is something a meditator should be trying to achieve from his/her meditation, or whether it is more skillful to cultivate wholesome thoughts that are inherently ‘happy’. He gives examples of thoughts of loving-kindness (Metta) and gratitude. (Talk recorded at Tisarana on 11 November 2019. Duration 36:48)

Announcing Tisarana’s Blog

We’ve started a plain-vanilla blog, probably the closest we’ll get to social media. Here you might find occasional posts by various monastery residents about monastery life, including a kick-off post today by Tan Khemako. You can find it under the “News” menu item at the top of the site, or here.… Read the rest

A Gem on the Garbage Pile

Tan Khemako delves deeper into this simile in response to a question from a retreat attendee. He explains how our minds have been conditioned to create a conceptual overlay covering the raw phenomena that we experience. Clinging to these concepts is what causes our suffering. (Dhamma Talk recorded at Arnprior on 27 November 2019. Duration 1:00:40)

Dhamma Documentaries (Video One)

As many of us are restricted to staying at home more often, we thought we would share some inspiring Dhamma videos (all of which can be found on YouTube) every couple of days to make our increased time at home more beneficial. Many of you might have seen a number of these, but they give a good insight into where our tradition came from, and what life was like for the early Sangha.

First on the list: The Mindful Way – Buddhist Monks of the Forest Tradition in Thailand with Ajahn Chah

May all beings be well & happy.Read the rest

Awareness Is Your Refuge

All of us are being affected by the current Coronavirus pandemic, and we can see how difficult this is for many people around the world. This stress and uncertainty in our lives can help us to see what we really take as our refuge. This short talk given by Ajahn Sumedho in 2007 highlights the importance of taking refuge in that which is wholesome: the Buddha, as an example of enlightenment, the Dhamma as the way to liberation, and the Sangha, those who give us encouragement and inspiration on the path. He also emphasizes taking Awareness as our refuge. Rather than getting caught up in what is happening around us or our own moods, if we pause to recognize ‘the way it is’ without judgement, taking Awareness as our center, we will find we are able to act more skillfully and be able to provide help to those who may be distressed. (Talk given by Ajahn Sumedho at Amaravati Buddhist Monastery in 2007. Duration 20:10)

Monitoring Craving

On the first day of this retreat in Thailand Ajahn Viradhammo gives a 20 minute reflection on the importance of being heedful of the three types of craving. He then gives a guided meditation on body awareness, encouraging mindfulness of the whole body. (Talk given at Pak Chong on 24 November 2019. Duration 42:25)

Covid 19 / Coronavirus Update

Functioning guidelines with regard to COVID 19 / Coronavirus

In keeping with Health Canada guidelines detailed by the Public Health Agency of Canada, we request our community to follow guidelines below until further notice. We will update you when conditions change, but until you hear from us, please note the following:


All pubilc events at Tisarana have been cancelled until further notice.

  • All pujas will be restricted to the resident community
  • Saturday afternoon public meditation sessions will not recommence until further notice
  • All New Guest Orientation events have been cancelled for the time being
  • The Sala is not open to non-residents for meditation or gatherings

Overnight guests:

Until further notice we will not be open for overnight guests. If you have made a booking to stay with us after April 1, 2020, we will email you a letter of cancellation.

The booking form will not be available online until Health Canada lifts restrictions on public gatherings.

Dana & Food:

The kitchen is a high-risk area for the spread of infection and disease. We request that

  • All groceries and food be dropped off at the designated drop-off table, just outside the front entrace to the boot-room.
  • The kitchen area will be restricted for the use of residents only
  • Once you have dropped off your dana, it will be offered to the sangha by the residents
  • The Anumodana will be chanted daily but given the size of our hall, proper social distancing can not be practiced.
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A Spider in Your Shoe

When we are participating in daily activities there will be many situations which trigger our defilements. Instead of thinking of these scenarios as obstacles to our development, or that our reactions are somehow wrong, we can use them as an aid to seeing the nature of our mind and incline it towards non-attachment. (Talk recorded at Tisarana on 4 December 2019. Duration 34.43)

Teatime Q&A

Ajahn Khemasiri answers questions at tea time from Tisarana's resident community about: Understanding the feeling of something missing (1:00); The nature of Samadhi (15:00); How to connect with people who don't share your values anymore (41:00); How to do comtemplation of body parts (59:00); Bare awareness as a meditation technique (72:00); How to strengthen Metta/Mudita practice (79:00)  (Q&A recorded at Tisarana on 18 August 2019.  Duration 1:28:59)