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Anagarika Daniel

Daniel Nyssen was born and raised in Mexico City. At the age of 20 he took his first meditation course where became very interested in the practice. After finishing his studies, and working in the family´s environmental consulting business for a few years, he travelled to India, Nepal and Sri Lanka for a year and he became more interested in Buddhism. Once back in Mexico he frequently visited Dhamma Vihara, a Theravada Buddhist Monastery in the state of Veracruz. There he heard about the Thai Forest Tradition for the first time and became so inspired that he contacted Tisarana. The COVID pandemic delayed his first visit but, when the conditions allowed in December 2021, he came to stay and shortly after took Anagarika precepts in January 2022.… Read the rest

Anagarika Aidan

Anagarika Aidan was born and raised in British Columbia. After encountering Buddhism in 2019 through Ajahn Sona’s Youtube channel he quickly became interested in pursuing a life of simplicity and renunciation. In 2021 he arrived at Tisarana and, after receiving the community’s acceptance, donned the white robes and took the anagarika precepts in the December of that same year.… Read the rest

Samanera Karano

Samanera Karano grew up in Sainte-Marthe-sur-le-Lac in Quebec. He studied and worked both as a welder and a wildlife technician. He was introduced to Buddhist teachings and practices while attending a Goenka style retreat in 2016. In 2019, following his interest in monasticism, he came to stay at Tisarana. The next 3 years were spent serving the community as a steward. Karano asked for the going forth as a samanera on August 26th 2022.… Read the rest

Luangpor Viradhammo’s Virtual Retreat (21st-30th November 2022)

Dear Friends in Dhamma,

We are pleased to invite you to join the 10-day virtual retreat with Luangpor Viradhammo.

Luangpor will conduct an in-person meditation retreat in Thailand on 21-30 November 2022. Over the days of the retreat, we will create a Zoom meeting to share the practice instructions and invaluable teachings from Luangpor.

To have an opportunity to practice Dhamma with Luangpor is the highest blessing and we hope you can join us.

The zoom retreat schedule is:

Start: Monday 21 November, 7:00 pm

End: Wednesday 30 November, 9:30 am

(Thailand time GMT+7)

Join zoom meeting:

Meeting ID: 922 5374 0296

Passcode: Dhamma

(No registration is required)

For more details on the retreat, please refer to the attached Retreat Information Booklet.

We welcome all participants who are not able to commit presence to every session due to any personal limitations, or time-zone differences, so that all who have the faith and energy to join may still benefit.

Please feel free to share this information with your friends.

Should you need any further information or have any queries, please contact us at:

We look forward to seeing you virtually at the retreat.

With Metta

The Organizing Team

Read the rest

Details for Tax Receipts: First-Time and New Donors

Dear friends and supporters,

At the beginning of every year, the Finance Team at Tisarana strives to send out Tax Receipts to all Canadian donors. Prior to that, we try to collect donor information that is missing.

If you have donated to Tisarana for the first time, or have recently started donating, we request you kindly send us your full official name and complete postal address via email to

Please note that we can only send out Tax Receipts to Canadian Citizens and Permanent Residents or donations originating in Canada and the donor having a Canadian postal address.

We have received many donations by Interac eTransfer recently, but we have no donor records for these generous donations.

Please keep in mind that even if you prefer not to claim credits based on these donations, as a charity, Tisarana is responsible for sending you tax receipts. Please help us fulfill this important obligation by providing us with the relevant information.

As always, we are very grateful and appreciative of your continued support and friendship.… Read the rest

Notice of the Annual General Meeting for the Year 2021

Date: Saturday, November 12, 2022

Location: Virtual Zoom Meeting                   

Time: 2:00 PM


The Directors of the Board of Tisarana Buddhist Monastery cordially invite all members of good standing to attend the Annual General Meeting for the Fiscal Year 2021 scheduled to be held virtually on Saturday, November 12, 2022, at 2.00 PM. 

If you are interested in attending the AGM, please register by emailing Nalaka at to receive login details and other information.

As always, we thank you for your continued support and participation.


Philip Jurgens

Secretary to the Board

October 23, 2022… Read the rest

LP Viradhammo Zoom teaching with the OBS, Oct 7, 2022.

The Ottawa Buddhist Society has the capacity to host up to 500 participants for this upcoming teaching via Zoom by Luang Por Viradhammo on Friday, October 7th, 2022. All are welcome to join.

OBS Friday Evening Meeting
October 7, 7:30 – 9:30 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada)

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 822 3220 0517
Passcode: 538021

Find your local number: the rest

July Update

Luang Por Sumedho’s VisitAjahn Pavaro

It’s a normal summer morning: The big lawn is being mowed; rooms are being cleaned; hardwood planks are being worked on the jointer; a trip to the dump has cleared our recycling bins. The Dhamma Hall is also slowly being raised, block by  block. Yet over much of July things were charged with a unique spirit, as all the  normal routines and tasks of the monastery were weighed and variously considered  in preparation for the visit by Luang Por Sumedho.  

The first week of the stay was kept deliberately quiet, as Luang Por – accompanied  by his skillful, longtime upatak Ajahn Asoko – settled in after a full period at  Abhayagiri Buddhist Monastery and on the West Coast. It was Luang Por Viradhammo’s wish that the visit contain plenty of open time for our senior-most  Elder. This meant it was not feasible to arrange public talks or events beyond a day or so in advance. Nevertheless, the Tisarana community, some additional guests, and fortunate day-visitors did have several opportunities to hear Dhamma  reflections, pay respects, and receive Luang Por Sumedho’s blessings.  

Some talks are now posted on Tisarana’s YouTube channel, including one here, which he delivered on Asalha Puja, as Buddhist monastics the world over enter the Rains season.… Read the rest


Luang Por Viradhammo and the community are delighted to report that after several
years of careful pondering and planning (and a two-year delay) Tisarana’s Dhamma
Hall is now formally under construction.

Following the excavation work which began in early May, in the past two weeks, the
final surveying has been done, the forms have been laid, concrete poured, and the
first rows of eco-friendly, insulated blocks have been set in place for the foundation.
On June 2 these blocks were filled with another round of concrete. When cured,
this will leave the site ready to be backfilled and have established the level of the
Hall’s floor. Far from the site, meanwhile, massive Douglas fir and pine posts and
beams are being meticulously crafted. Many architectural elements of the Dhamma
Hall make this building unusual, recently prompting one of the workmen to remark
that for him the project may be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Proving that it’s
not only the monks who are enjoying the show!

As admittedly absorbing (from our on-site perspective) as it is to watch these skilled
workers ply their trades, our pleasure in witnessing these ‘bricks and mortar’ details
is animated by an ongoing appreciation for the myriad forms of encouragement,
generosity, and hard work that have brought us to this stage.… Read the rest

OBS Zoom events April 22 & 23, 2021.

Hello, we’d like to pass along information from the OBS regarding their upcoming events. These have been posted in our teaching events calendar along with the zoom links. In case you’ve missed that, please see below.

The OBS has a large capacity for these two meetings, so please feel free to join in. All other details are available on their website.

Friday Evening Meeting with Ajahn Viradhammo
April 22, 7:30 – 9:30PM EST

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 865 3435 3039
Passcode: 851585
Find your local number:

Saturday Day of Mindfulness with Ajahn Viradhammo
April 23, 8:45 AM – 3:00 PM EST

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 852 5295 8778
Passcode: 130711
Find your local number:

Read the rest