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Finding Stillness in No Thought

(Note: this talk was truncated due to a recording malfunction.) On the full moon of Magha Puja, Ajahn Viradhammo invites us to ask the question, “What would this moment be like with no thought?” He shows that while wordly situations use a certain amount of thinking for successful navigation, one who is aiming for enlightenment requires the trust and patience found in the stillness of no thought. (Talk recorded at the Tisarana on 19 February 2010. Duration 26:02)

Photo Book 2018 print copies

Order a hard copy of last year’s photo book.

We’re planning to place an order for several more hard copies of the 2018 Photo Book. You can see and download an on-line version of the book here.

If you would like to purchase one or more copies of the book in printed form (approximately $82 before discounts) you can ‘ride along’ our planned order. Please fill out this form and submit it by 01 May to add your name to the bulk order. Once we have all responses we can get a firm price and our office volunteer will contact you about payment and shipping.
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What Arahants Know

Ajahn Vajiro, abbot of the Sumedhārāma Monastery in Portugal, offers reflections on the fruits of the Buddhist path. He encourages us to know the qualities of abundant generosity, freedom from suffering, and the realization and opportunity given by this precious human life. (Talk recorded at the Tisarana on 4 April 2019. Duration 37:44)

Ajahn Vajiro Saturday

Special Saturday Speaker

We have had the good fortune to host Ajahn Vajiro, a 40-vassa English monk and the abbot of Mosteiro Budista Sumedhārāma, Portugal, for a week’s stay here at Tisarana.

This Saturday, 06 April 2019, Ajahn Vajiro will be offering the Dhamma talk for our regular Saturday program. The program starts at 1:30Pm in the Tisarana Dhamma hall. All are welcome!

Ajahn Vajiro headshot
Ajahn Vajiro at Tisarana

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New Training for New Guests

Taking more time for first timers

As Tisarana has grown and become more popular we have noticed an increase in sincere guests who never get to properly understand the monastery or how it works. We think this is because there’s so much going on during the “work year”, and we haven’t set ourselves up to properly orient guests who may have very little prior exposure to monastic traditions.

To address that issue we are implementing a new 3-day training program for new guests. We have cleverly named this the “New Guest Orientation Weekend“. Catchy, eh?

The schedule for these trainings can be seen on our Calendar. The first one is scheduled for next weekend, starting 05 April.

The program is meant to thoroughly orient new guests to every important aspect of Tisarana, our lineage from Ajahn Chah, key monastic regulations, the economic, social, and spiritual functions of the monastery, along with such practicalities such as how to bow properly, or where to sit in the Sala, or where are the good hiking trails. The program will be delivered by our own resident community, including our main steward, Niraso, along with the guest monk, the senior monks, and the junior monastics.… Read the rest

Strategies for Uplifting the Heart

Ajahn Pavaro distinguishes identifying with an emotion versus being aware of it. He gives the contemplations of the Buddha, Dhamma, Sangha, the devas, contemplating virtuous qualities and acts of generosity as strategies to uplift the heart. (Q&A recorded at Tisarana on 27 October 2018. Duration 47:07)

Awareness of Change Is Refuge

Ajahn Viradhammo speaks with guests on being aware of feeling with compassion and to be with things as they are & not to replace or analyze. He also speaks to the importance of renunciation to witness change and its peace vs. seeking something to satisfy desire. (Q&A recorded at Tisarana on 19 October 2018. Duration 1:29:35)

When Is the Next Moment?

Ajahn Viradhammo explores how practises such as metta bhavana and wise reflection can be used to create skillful pathways in a mind preoccupied with anger. In asking a question that doesn’t require an answer at just the right moment, he points a way to awakening the mind and being freed from preoccupation. (Talk recorded at the Tisarana on 9 September 2018. Duration 34:16)

Samatha and Vipassana Are Not Separate Techniques

Ajahn Pavaro has a tea time conversation with guests, and explains that if meditators lay down the conditions of dana (generosity), sila (moral precepts) and bhavana (mental cultivation), wisdom will arise. Meditators require different types of encouragement, which is not always based on meditation technique. (Q&A recorded at Tisarana on 1 August 2018. Duration 57:23)