Winter Retreat 2024 and April 2024.

Dear friends,

The resident community at Tisarana is now winding down in preparation for our annual winter retreat.

Please note that we do not accept any overnight visitors from Jan 1st to Mar 31, 2024 apart from the Winter Retreat crew.

Sunday Public Meditations and New Visitor Orientation Weekends will not be offered during the Winter Retreat period. We will announce recommencement sometime in April via our website.

Day visits are also not possible during the Winter Retreat.

Dāna meals are gratefully accepted during the winter retreat. Kindly email our Kitchen Steward as usual to make the necessary arrangements.

However, if you’d like to meet a monk when you bring Dāna, please email the office in advance to arrange this.

Our community treasures this time of silence and solitude and we may not be freely available to interact with people bringing Dāna during the Winter Retreat. We request that day visitors please bear this in mind.

At the close of the Winter Retreat, the community restarts planning and work projects for the months ahead.

Overnight stays for the month of April 2024 will be restricted to friends and supporters of long-standing who can reside at Tisarana with ease and familiarity. If you are a supporter of long-standing and would like to visit overnight in April, please email the office with your request.

Luang Por Viradhammo, the Sangha and residents send you our warmest greetings for the holiday season and all good wishes for the year ahead.