Visiting Teachers arriving for Kathina

We are fortunate to have two Ajahns visiting from the west coast for our Kathina on November 3. They will be teaching at the monastery, at the Quaker meeting in Ottawa, and at our Kathina celebration in Perth.

Teaching schedule:

Ajahn Sudanto – Abbot, Pacific Hermitage, (

Saturday, Oct. 26,  1pm:     Tisarana Monastery – Meditation and Dhamma talk

Friday, Nov. 1st, 7:30pm:    Quaker House, 4th Avenue, Glebe, Ottawa – Meditation and Dhamma talk

Sunday Nov. 3rd, 1pm:        Civitan Hall, Perth – Dhamma talk after offering of Kathina robe

Ajahn Karunadhammo  – Vice-abbot, Abhayagiri Monastery (

Saturday Nov. 1st, 1pm: Tisarana Monastery – Meditation and Dhamma talk.

Kathina is almost here!

Please remember that the Kathina is not being held at the monastery, but at the Civitan Hall in Perth.

See map to Civitan Hall here:!contact-us

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