Tisarana Website Hacker Thwarted

This posting is on our new website, which is free from all hackery (at least so far).

Our new website continues to evolve every day, so please be patient as other missing parts and details are gradually filled in and updated.  Hopefully this process goes smoothly, but as Murphy’s Law goes, there’s bound to be at least a small amount of “turbulence.”

Contact Email Address Correction for the Vassa Aradhana Ceremony on 28 July 2013

The correct contact email address is tisarana.kathina@gmail.com.  The previous Newsletter had a typo, putting a dash between “tisarana” and “kathina,” which should have been a period.

New Photos Posted

We’ve moved our older Photo Albums to a free Flickr account.  We can post huge photos there.  Those of you with HD displays will appreciate this, as our camera takes 9 MegaPixel photos.  You can see old “sets” of photos there:


…as well as a few new sets we’ve recently posted:

“Winter Retreat 2012”: http://www.flickr.com/photos/98228581@N08/sets/72157634512827419/

“Summer 2013”: http://www.flickr.com/photos/98228581@N08/sets/72157634687625819/

“Latvia Retreat 2013”: http://www.flickr.com/photos/98228581@N08/sets/72157634687733141/

New Resident Monk: Tahn Suddhāso

We’re delighted to report that a new monk has arrived from Abhayagiri monastery (http://abhayagiri.org), residing at Tisarana at least until the end of the next Winter Retreat (i.e. Spring 2014).  We’ll add a photo (along with a description) to the “Resident Community” webpage on our website soon (http://tisarana.ca/overview/resident-community/).

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