Tea Time with Ajahn Amaro

Many interesting and relevant topics concerning our modern world were discussed during tea time with Ajahn Viradhammo and Ajahn Amaro. Ajahn Amaro visited Tisarana for ten days last May.

Ajahn Amaro,was asked how he handles being the abbot of such a large community, both lay and ordained, at Amaravati Monastery (England). Some important things for him were to watch his attitude, not to be fixed on a particular outcome, listen to others and don’t take sides. He goes on giving useful advice on how to be a good leader in general, whether as an Abbot of a monastery or as a CEO of a large company.

In the later half of the discussion, someone asked how he thinks modern technology and social media affects our mental health. Ajahn Amaro, and others add in as well, discuss how it tends to create a strong sense of self, cultivates fear, and so on.

(Q&A recorded at Tisarana on 19 May 2018. Duration 1:25:40)