Development Plans

Welcome to Tisarana’s ‘development plans’ page.   Please select one of the links above or scroll down the page to read more.

Up til Now…

Tisarana was purchased in October of 2006 and, thanks to the kindness and hard work of many, much has been accomplished. We have paid off the purchase price of the property. The garage was converted into an office and monk’s common room. We have a total of eight kutis. The small barn has been converted into a workshop, and we have a delightful new hall for meditation and meals adjoining the house.  Our day-to-day running costs are being covered and many people are enjoining the serenity of Tisarana. All this is the result of a great deal of enthusiasm and generosity, so many thanks to all.

Phased Plan

Below is a phased project outline that allows us to reach goals gradually as resources become available.

Phase One: Current

Major Tasks:
    • Build Monk’s washrooms, library,visiting monks’ accommodation and monks’ common room. This involves the construction of an entirely new structure in the field on the north-west side of the house, called the “Bhikkhu Vihāra.”
    • Build one more kuti
    • Large barn repair and small barn renovation suitable for winter usage as workshop
Maximum number of people with Phase One Completion:

  • Resident ordained Sangha including novices in training: 8
  • Resident laity and overnight guests 8
  • Day visitors for events 25-50 (dependent on barn ‘change of use’)


Phase Two

Major Tasks:
  • Build meditation hall.
  • Build kitchen extension.
  • Expand shower facilities in house.
Maximum number of people with Phase Two Completion:

    • Ordained Sangha: 10
    • Resident laity and overnight guests: 8
    • Day visitors for events 200 (dependent on the size of the Meditation Hall)

Meditation Hall

The construction of a meditation hall will be major project for the monastery.  Currently in the planning phase, it is expected to take four or five years to complete.  Below are drawings detailing the proposed hall.  Although these will likely undergo some changes, they give an idea of what the upcoming hall might look like.

The hall is planned to hold 150 people.  It will be connected to the bhikkhu vihara, the guest house, and the Kusala sala with covered walkways.  The meditation hall is planned to be the  centrepiece of the monastery, and it’s completion will mark a major milestone in Tisarana’s development.