Kathina 2013 Schedule

Kathina Celebration, November 3, 2013 at Civitan Hall Perth, ON

The Kathina is a tradition that has been followed for over 2500 years. It takes place during the month following Vassa (the three-month rains retreat corresponding to the rainy season in India). At that time, lay followers make a special offering of Kathina cloth as well as additional requisites to the Sangha. Kathina is a very happy, warm-hearted time for celebration. It is a time to come together, focusing on the single act of generosity of offering the Kathina robe material.

We will have a sangha of 14 bhikkhus and bhikkhunis attending so we hope many people will join us in this joyous day of alms giving and Dhamma reflection.

This will be the first year that a Kathina will be held for the Sangha at Tisarana Buddhist Monastery. This year’s Kathina Robe is to be offered by Risini and Nalaka Gunawardhane family and friends. Risini and Nalaka can be contacted by email: tisarana.kathina@gmail.com or by phone 613-825 6508

Kathina Location: Civitan Hall, Perth, ON

Date: Nov. 3, 9:00am – 3pm

Please note the Kathina is not being held at the monastery, but at the Civitan Hall in Perth (6787, Highway 43)

We have rented the Civitan Hall so there should be lots of space for everyone

See map to Civitan Hall here: http://www.perthcivitan.org/#!contact-us


Note: Daylight Savings Time Ends the day of our Kathina! Clocks roll back one hour at 2am, Nov. 3rd.

9:00am: arrival, receiving and preparation of Dana

10am: Opening Puja

  • Welcoming remarks from Ajahn Viradhammo
  • Ceremony of Five Precepts
  • Paritta Chanting

10:45am: Offering of Dana to Sangha

11:15am: Chanting of Anumodana, and invitation of Laity to join in the meal

1pm: Kathina Ceremony

  • Introduction to History and Ritual of Kathina
  • Offering of Kathina Robes
  • Bhikkhu Recitation
  • Anumodana
  • Dhamma Talk by Ajahn Sudanto
  • Closing Remarks by Ajahn Viradhammo

Residential Retreat 2013 Dhamma Talks posted

The 15 Dhamma Talks given at our September Residential were recorded, and they are now posted and available for download. The running time is 7 hours, 30 minutes total, taking up 147 MB total.

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