Generosity as a Training

In the mornings, we’ve been having some basic readings from the texts, which outline what we call the “Gradual Path”.  The Buddha would read people’s minds, and see a gradual way of introducing the ideas which lead to liberation.  There are a progression of ideas, and each lay a foundation for both worldly happiness, and eventually enlightenment.  It’s an accumulation of goodness, an accumulation of strength, an accumulation of insight, which leads to more and more profound well-being.  The first aspect that the Buddha would emphasize is Generosity, rather than meditation.  The texts we were reading indicated the importance of a heart which is not tight, which is not self-serving, which is not self-obsessed, to say the least.  A mind which has the capacity to give, to look outwards, to have empathy.  With generosity, there’s a certain kind of confidence in the heart, because one doesn’t need so much for oneself.