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New Dhamma Hall Site Clearing Ceremony, Sunday August 15th.

We are going to have a site clearing ceremony for the New Dhamma Hall on Sunday, August 15th starting at 1pm. An outline of the new Hall will be laid out on the ground which we will all circumambulate with social distancing, and then the Sangha will chant parittas so as to to bless the site and the trees that will have to be cut down to make room for the new Hall. Once finished, we can begin clearing the land to get ready for the start of construction this coming spring of 2022.

All are invited to this important ceremony for the New Dhamma Hall, which is coming about after many years of inspiring generosity and planning. Due to lingering Covid concerns there won’t be a shared meal before the ceremony but feel free to bring your own meal and enjoy the monastery grounds. See you then.… Read the rest

Notice of the Annual General Meeting for the Year 2020

Date of AGM: Sunday the August 29, 2021.

Place: Tisarana Buddhist Monastery – 1356 Powers Road, Perth, Ontario K7H 3C5

Time: 130pm (EDT)

The Directors of the Board of Tisarana Buddhist Monastery cordially invite all members of good standing to attend the Annual General Meeting (AGM) scheduled to be held on Sunday, August 29, 2021 at 1.30 PM. 


Tilak Gunawardhane
Secretary to the Board

July 21, 2021… Read the rest

Tisarana Vesak Celebration 2564

May 26 marked this year’s Vesak Day, the full-moon of May that commemorates the Buddha’s Birth, Enlightenment, and Final Passing (Parinibbana). It is a major, sacred occasion in the annual Buddhist calendar, observed throughout the Buddhist world. With Tisarana situated at some distance from the Asian heartlands of Theravada, our celebrations contained improvised as well as traditional features.

Due to Covid restrictions this year’s gathering was modest in size. Supporters arrived earlier in the week with many flower pots to adorn shrines. Residents and others devoted hours to trimming grass and clearing flower beds. On Vesak itself Luang Por Viradhammo, the Bhikkhus, and resident community received cheerful assistance from day-visitors bringing more gifts. Groups of us busied ourselves arranging flowers and candles. Within a few hours the various shrines had been tidied and beautifully adorned: the large standing Buddha near Tisarana’s entrance; the cast Buddha rupa (eventually bound for the Dhamma Hall); the library-shrine room in the Bhikkhu Vihara; the meditation and eating Sala. Even the small Bodhi tree (gamely struggling with spider mites, alas) was decorated.

The following photos offer glimpses of our Vesak. At different junctures of the evening itself Luang Por read from Ven. Nyanamoli’s The Life of the Buddha, dealing with the Blessed One’s Birth, Enlightenment, and Parinibbana.… Read the rest

Stillness Flowing Audio Book

Stillness Flowing » Amaravati Buddhist Monastery

At long last, the much-awaited ‘Stillness Flowing’ audio book is now available online. 
Thanks to the efforts of Aj. Jayasaro and Aj. Siripanyo, the audio book is made available in time for Ajahn Chah’s memorial day today (Jan 16th). 

There are several ways that Stillness Flowing audio book can be accessed:
Directly from Dhamma by Ajahn Jayasaro website:

iOS devices can be listened to through Apple Podcasts app:

Android devices can listen through any podcast app or Podbean Pro free app:

Dhamma by Ajahn Jayasaro Youtube channel:

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Ajahn Pavaro’s Reflections on 2020

Reflections on 2020

Ajahn Pavaro

December at Tisarana. Each day we walk by the deer in their thickened fur – the does with their observant young, foraging on grass and congregating at the salt lick near our main buildings. The Canada geese have now flown South with their happy racket. Only a few hardy species of birdlife remain, like the chickadees with their pinprick eyes, darting between the low bushes to feeders we fill for the simple pleasure of seeing them thrive.

I’ve now been at Tisarana for half a year; it’s my first Canadian winter after living in Thailand for nine years. Each morning’s community meeting contains a brief weather update – seldom a pressing matter in S.E. Asia. Since returning my supply of clothing and footwear has tripled. Snow has come and gone… and come and gone, and come. Almost without noticing, my acquaintance has returned with the crackle of ice underfoot, the moods of a wood stove, and the uncanny compaction of sound in dense cold.

Yet for all the differences, living as a bhikkhu in this tradition ensures a fair continuity of purpose and practice, something that differing weather, and alterations of flora and fauna, do not disrupt.… Read the rest

Kathina Wish List 2020

At the request of our caring supporters, here is a list of suggested items that would be useful for Tisarana that could be offered during the Kathina season this year. If you plan to offer an item please cross it out using strikethrough (example) so that it can be removed from the list.

2020 Kathina Wish List

As usual, our main priority is to build a New Dhamma Hall. If you would like to contribute towards this effort as part of a Kathina offering please visit the Financial Contributions page.

If you have any questions please contact office@tisarana.caRead the rest

Kathina Celebrations 2020

As the Kathina season approaches, we’ve been considering how to organise the event this year. Though it would be great to celebrate together as we have done in the past, COVID 19 safety regulations have resulted in limiting capacity to 25 people in the tent per day.

As previously scheduled, the Kathina robe cloth will be offered by the sponsors and a limited group of supporters on October 4th, 2020.

The Sangha will gladly meet everyone else, limited to 25 people per day, starting October 5th till the end of the month. All others are welcome to choose a day of the month when Luang Por & Sangha members will be delighted to meet with you.

Simply register your visit by clicking here. We will contact you by phone to work out the details.

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