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Dhamma Teaching with Luang Por Viradhammo

Luang por Viradhammo will be offering teachings on Zoom this coming Friday

Date / Time : Aug 25, 2023 at 7pm Ottawa (Aug 26, 7am Singapore)

To access the meeting, the details are : 

Zoom ID: 837 3663 4943

Passcode: 123… Read the rest

TBC teaching events


Jun 11 -Tan Sirimedho @TBC Morning Talk (10 am ET)

Jul 23 –  Luang Por Viradhammo@TBC Morning Talk (10 am ET)

Aug 27 – Ajahn Pavaro @ TBC1/2 DOM (8:30 am to 12 pm ET)

Sep 24 – Tan Amarasiri@ TBC1/2 DOM (8:30 am to 12 pm ET)

Oct 29 – Tan Amarasiri@ TBC1/2 DOM (8:30 am to 12 pm ET)

Nov 26 – Ajahn Pavaro@TBC Morning Talk (10 am ET)

Dec 10 – Tan Sirimedho @TBC Morning Talk (10 am ET)

Zoom link

Password: 883290… Read the rest

Sunday Mornings – Meditation and Dhamma Talk

Beginning in May 2023, Tisarana will once again be hosting a regular on-site meditation, followed by a Dhamma talk offered by a Sangha member.

The weekly sessions will take place on Sundays (9:30 – 11am) and begin on May 7th. Please plan to arrive by 9:15. This will enable you to be nicely settled when the meditation begins.

Following the Dhamma talk, visitors are welcome to join the community for the midday meal. If you wish to stay for the meal please bring a pot luck dish if possible. The meal begins at 11:30.

The weekly sessions will take place in our current meditation Sala, so are not weather dependent. … Read the rest

OBS April events with Ajahn Viradhammo

OBS April events with Ajahn Viradhammo

Friday Evening Meeting April 7, 7:30 PM – 9:30PM – online only

Friday Evening Meeting April 21, 7:30 -9:30PM – in-person with online access
Saturday Day of Mindfulness April 22 8:45 – 3.00PM – in-person with online access

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 899 5047 8744
Passcode: 111716

Find your local number: the rest

New Visitor Orientations and bookings for April 2023.

As the monastic community comes out of winter retreat, we will get into planning Tisarana’s calendar from April to December 2023. However, here’s some important information that may be relevant:

New Visitor Orientations will commence as of May 2023 and dates will be posted on our calendar sometime around the third week of April. Please note that we are unable to process New Visitor bookings prior to April 30th this year.

Regular visitors (those who have stayed with us for at least three or more visits) are welcome to request overnight stays for the month of April by emailing the Guest Monk.

The booking form has been disabled till April 30th.

For those who have been applying over the winter months, please note that we are unable to hold and process applications in queue. You are welcome to apply again after April 30th, should you wish to stay at Tisarana.

As always, we are open for day visits and those bringing Dana are welcome to book by contacting the Kitchen Steward.

Warmest regards from our entire community.… Read the rest

Details for Tax Receipts: First-Time and New Donors

Dear friends and supporters,

At the beginning of every year, the Finance Team at Tisarana strives to send out Tax Receipts to all Canadian donors. Prior to that, we try to collect donor information that is missing.

If you have donated to Tisarana for the first time, or have recently started donating, we request you kindly send us your full official name and complete postal address via email to

Please note that we can only send out Tax Receipts to Canadian Citizens and Permanent Residents or donations originating in Canada and the donor having a Canadian postal address.

We have received many donations by Interac eTransfer recently, but we have no donor records for these generous donations.

Please keep in mind that even if you prefer not to claim credits based on these donations, as a charity, Tisarana is responsible for sending you tax receipts. Please help us fulfill this important obligation by providing us with the relevant information.

As always, we are very grateful and appreciative of your continued support and friendship.… Read the rest

Ten Royal Duties

Affairs of state are clearly not the focus of Buddhist teachings. Indeed, conversation about ‘kings and ministers’ figure in the many forms of ‘low or animal talk’ that the Buddha recommended we avoid (Anguttara 10.69). This injunction stems from the view that we often engage in such talk simply to exercise our opinions, without useful purpose.

Yet, however contested modern political discourse might be, the function and qualities of leadership are of ongoing relevance in our worldly lives. And when it’s observed that no dimension of life is excluded from the Dhamma it does not surprise that, in addition to diverse spiritual teachings the Buddha gave to various kings of his day, he is also known to have offered them guidance on royal governance. 

With the recent death of Queen Elizabeth II and ascension of King Charles III, reflection on the role of monarchs – indeed, any form of personal, professional, or state authority – acquires renewed pertinence. 

Is there a Buddhist approach to such ancient and contemporary concerns? A list of qualities found in the Jataka Tales, provides one response. The Jatakas present memorable incidents believed to issue from various previous lives of Gotama Buddha. The following ‘Ten Royal Duties’ (also, ’Norms’ or ‘Rules’: Dasa Rajadhamma) appear in the Jataka III,274:



Pariccagaaltruism, or selflessness

Ajjavahonesty, or integrity



Akkodhanon-anger, or calmness

Avihimsaharmlessness, or non-violence

Khantipatient forbearance

Avirodhauprightness, or conformity with principles of Dhamma

Even a brief glance will confirm that the list is in harmony with numerous refined qualities recommended by Buddhism to be worth developing… by anyone.… Read the rest