Awareness Is Your Refuge

All of us are being affected by the current Coronavirus pandemic, and we can see how difficult this is for many people around the world. This stress and uncertainty in our lives can help us to see what we really take as our refuge. This short talk given by Ajahn Sumedho in 2007 highlights the importance of taking refuge in that which is wholesome: the Buddha, as an example of enlightenment, the Dhamma as the way to liberation, and the Sangha, those who give us encouragement and inspiration on the path. He also emphasizes taking Awareness as our refuge. Rather than getting caught up in what is happening around us or our own moods, if we pause to recognize ‘the way it is’ without judgement, taking Awareness as our center, we will find we are able to act more skillfully and be able to provide help to those who may be distressed. (Talk given by Ajahn Sumedho at Amaravati Buddhist Monastery in 2007. Duration 20:10)