A Bald Man Walking Around in Orange Robes

Tan Khemako has tea with the community and begins by talking about his recent trip to Israel that he went on with some of his family members to tour some of the holy sights in that area. He describes how the people living in that area of the world have very little knowledge of Buddhism or what a Buddhist monk is; so the sight of a bald man walking around in orange robes is an unusual thing to see. But people were none the less very curious and would occasionally approach him and ask him who he was and why he dressed the way he did, which he would kindly explain.

Later on in the discussion, Venerable Khemako was asked to talk a little about his background and how he got interested in Buddhism and the monastic life. He goes into detail about some of the places he traveled to, the people he met, and teachers that inspired him along the way.

(Q&A recorded at Tisarana on 18 May 2018. Duration 1:13:14)