Tisarana Vesak 2020

Dear friends,

On the occasion of Vesak, the Tisarana community wishes you and your family life’s choicest blessings. Legend has it that the full moon night of the month of Vesakha witnessed the birth, enlightenment and final release of the Buddha.

Recollecting the life and teachings of the Buddha inspires and uplifts our hearts, spurring us on along the path. The simplicity, universality and timelessness of his teachings brings acceptance to the way things are.

Sabba pāpassa akaram, kusalassa upasampadā. Saccitta pariyodapanam, etam Buddhānasāsanam.

To avoid the unwholesome, cultivating all things wholesome. Purification of the mind, this is the teaching of all the Buddhas.

Dhammapada 183

We hope that you will enjoy the outdoor shrine we have created since visiting the sala is temporarily not possible. Join us in spirit as we remember the Buddha and recommit to his teachings on this special day.

With best wishes,

The Sangha and residents at Tisarana.

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