Seasonal Preparations

More Construction Photos

  • The construction of our new Bhikkhu Vihara is progressing rapidly.  Our new building now has electrical and hydro.  A well has been dug, and a new septic field is in the process of being dug.
  • Photos here

Workshop Improvements

  • A new Table Saw has been generously donated and installed.  It has advanced safety features to help prevent injuries.
  • A new Dust Collection System has been donated and installed, so that sawdust generated by various power tools will be automatically vaccuumed into a collection bin.  Sophisticated ducting has been installed to collect the sawdust from the Chopsaw, Table Saw, Electric Planer, and Belt Sander.  The Dust Collection is switched on and off, as needed, by remote control.
  • Gratitude is expressed to Peter Pauls and Crawford Woodman, who invested considerable time and energy into making these wonderful new additions to our workshop a reality.

Basement Flooded

  • The snow melted rapidly this year, resulting in our basement being flooded.  It’s abated now, and the basement is mostly-dry.
  • As a first line of defence, drainage is being improved (in various ways) around the house, to try to prevent water from entering the basement in the first place
  • A new sump pump was purchased, and plumbing is being installed for it

A New Tick Season Begins

  • Gravel is being added around kutis
  • Pruning of trees
  • Raking of leaves
  • A special tool for keeping paths free of long grasses has been ordered

Comings and Goings