Saturday, November 1st, 2:00 pm: Luang Por Pasanno will give a Dhamma Talk at Tisarana

Luang Por Pasanno, abbot of Abhayagiri Buddhist Monastery in Northern California, will be coming to Tisarana this weekend to participate in our Kathina. On Saturday, November 1st, Luang Por Pasanno will lead the weekly 2:00 pm to 4:00 pm meditation and Dhamma Talk.

All are welcome to join us for his Dhamma Talk and for the Tisarana Kathina.

The Kathina this year will be held at Civitan Hall in Perth (6787 Lanark County Road 43) and will begin at 10:00 am on Sunday, November 2nd.

For more Information about Tisarana’s Kathina please click here.