Receive a printed copy of “Stillness Flowing”

How To: Post a “ship-to-self” mailer to Tisarana for book shipment

These are instructions for domestic shipment of the book “Stillness Flowing – The Life and Teachings of Ajahn Chah” (Pub. 2017, Panyaprateep Foundation) from Tisarana monastery in Ontario to destinations within Canada. To receive a copy of the book you can purchase and send to Tisarana a shipping pouch (aka a “mailer”, or “poly bubble mailer”) which has been pre-addressed to yourself, with postage pre-affixed. When we receive this one of our volunteers will put a copy of the book inside and drop it off at the post office on our next town trip. As of March 2018 the cost for supplies and postage is about $30 or less.

This entire process can be done at any Canada Post office, though the supplies can be acquired elsewhere if desired. You need to purchase two items, a “mailer” and an “envelope”. Please note these two terms. You will use the envelope to post the mailer to Tisarana. Thereafter, Tisarana will use the mailer to send you the book.

  • Purchase a #5 poly bubble mailer, 26.5 x 40.5cm Note: this is the mailer, defined above.
  • Purchase an envelope sufficently large to hold the mailer, folded. (e.g. a 10×13 kraft envelope This of course is the “envelope” defined above. What’s important here is that the mailer has to fit into it comfortably for the post office to deliver it to us.
  • On the mailer in the “TO:” field write your own name and address.
  • On the mailer in the “From” field, write in Tisarana’s address:

Tisarana Buddhist Monastery, ATTN: Books
1356 Powers Road
Perth, ON K7H3C5.

  • On the envelope, fill out the “TO:” field with Tisarana’s address (above), and the “From:” field with your own address.
  • NB: Do not seal either the mailer nor envelope just yet.
  • Go to any Canada Post office and at the service counter purchase postage to ship a parcel weighing 1.3Kg with dimensions 30cm x 20cm x 10cm and affix this to the mailer. We suggest “standard shipping”.
  • Fold the completed mailer enclose it in the envelope. You may also enclose a note or other small items if you wish.
  • Post the completed envelope.

Optional: send an email to office @ to let us know you’ve posted your mailer and we’ll be on the lookout for it.  Also, please let us know if these instructions were complete or if there are any improvements that would be helpful for future users.