Progress Update: September 7, 2012

Luang Por Viradhammo Away Teaching Retreat

Luang Por Viradhammo will be away teaching a ten day retreat in Aylmer, Quebec. The retreat runs from the seventh to the 17th of September. Days of mindfulness will continue with a recorded talk being played. Have a good retreat Luang Por!

Gratitude to Parents Day

Gratitude to Parents Day is coming up soon. It will take place on September 22nd. It is a great opportunity to express appreciation and gratitude for the goodness we have received from our parents. Participants are encouraged to arrive around 10:30am. The day will begin with a potluck dana at 11:00am. Following lunch, there will be some Dhamma reflections. Dedication chanting will occur either before or after lunch. All are welcome.

Ten Day Retreat at Tisarana

We will be holding a ten-day, non-residential retreat held at the monastery. It runs from October 1st to October 11th. Because of our small shrine room, space is very limited. This is an experiment to see if we can do a longer retreat at Tisarana without providing residential facilities. For further information or booking, contact Marion Foot at

Sati Saraniya Foundation Pouring

We chanted blessings before the pouring of cement for the foundations of the new Dhamma Hall at Sati Saraniya. Oceans of sadhus to Ayya Medhanandi, Ayya Nimmala, Anagarika Ahimsa, Jill, and the good folk that are making this meditation hall possible.