Progress Update: September 7, 2007

>> Raise the Roof:
The weather has been kind and Harry and crew have been kinder, giving generously of their time and skills to the building of the little kuti. The roof has been framed, big window in, door and other windows on site. [photo] It should be fully weather-proof in a few days.!

>> A Little Potty
The kitchen has had a wee upgrade – in the form of a hanging pot frame over the work table. The kitchen can be a bit small, especially on weekends, and this frees things a little. So far no heads have been banged while leaning over the table. [photo]

>> Site plan:
For those of you who have been following this aspect of the monastery it must seem as if this whole business has been going on for ages. It has. BUT… the zoning has finished, the site plan has now been approved and kuti permits are in [see photo for locations]. It could be a week or more before permits are issued and then work will begin toot sweet. If anyone has time to help – labouring and up (especially through the week) – please let us know.

>> Round the Bend:
We’ve been here long enough to make comparisons (however banal 🙂 Have a look at: and compare with the curvey path-extension in ‘Along the Way.’ The grass has grown. The siding still needs finishing. Work on the path continues.

>> Refutrees:
Uprooted from their homeland. Crammed into one-wheeled, post_Stalinesque transportation. Pushed and shoved across the yard, over the river, over the wide and rocky fields into the wilderness beyond. Fortunately compassionate agents were on hand for resettlement. A generous hole, a bed of rich, organic compost, plenty of cool, clear water. These little fir trees also have the honour of providing an evergreen screen for Ajahn’s kuti.

>> Cool and clear:
Working on it by degrees. Plenty of compassionate agents to support. AK.