Progress Update: September 4, 2008

>> Hey Day:
Omigosh.! It’s *this* weekend. Sunday, September 7th. Just as well we are totally organised 🙂 with lots of fun projects. The main focus will be winter wood [photo] – cutting, splitting, shifting, stacking, supervising. You can have a go at one, all, or none of these. If wood isn’t your thing then there is bound to be something that is. Bring work clothes. See you on the day.

>> Family Camp Success:
Four families spent labour weekend at the monastery camping out in the field. There was a range of dhamma activities (chanting, meditation, making buddhas, a mural, etc.) balanced with free-time to enjoy nature. The weather was brilliant, the kids were great, the parents well behaved and the toasted marshmallows sublime. [photo]

>> Ajahn V needs a ride:
Ajahn Viradhammo needs a ride from and to Ottawa for the Saturday Day of Mindfulness. Please contact him directly if you are able to help. Because of Vinaya rules, there must be another male in the car. See the Event Calendar for more information.

>> Big Buddha Blessing:
If you have been to the monastery recently you would have seen the beautiful, standing Buddha image in the lobby of the barn. Nuch Tanphaichitr began planning in Spring 2007 and it was finally shipped in early May 2008. There will be a dedication/celebration of this image on Sunday September 21st. Start around 10.30am with precepts and dhamma; the meal at 11.30 with the ceremony at about 12.45. Nuch is co-ordinating dana along with many other friends and invites everyone to join in, and bring a dish. You are all welcome. The more the merrier the more the merit.

>> Weekend of Mindfulness:
The last weekend of September – 26th-28th – At Tisarana. From Friday evening to after dana on Sunday. Come for the day or, if you would like to stay overnight, please fill out the web site guest form specifying ‘RETREAT’ in the comments box.

>> Accurate Reality:
There are a lot of words here trying to accurately describe several situations. The dhamma is not only timeless, it is wordless, silent, a refuge. That’s a relief.! AK