Progress Update: September 29, 2010

>> Weekend of Mindfulness:
This weekend. Starts at 5:30am Saturday and finishes around 4:00pm on Sunday. Sitting and walking with some instruction and talks. Come for part or all of this time. If you are joining for the meal at 11:00 please bring a dish.

>> Ajahn Viradhammo – rides:
If anyone is coming to the monastery on Saturday morning and could offer Ajahn Viradhammo a ride please let us know. Generally, if you are coming to Tisarana it would be good to know if you could offer him a ride.

>> Upasika Program:
A new study program from Tisarana is being initiated for those who would like to strengthen their commitment to meditation practice and the study of Buddhism as presented in the Pali Canon and the Forest Sangha tradition. program details

>> Engineer:
We need a structural report on the barn as part of our development. It seems as if all the engineers on the planet are sooooo busy with bigger fish to fry. Do you know anyone who might be able to help us with this relatively small matter?

>> Not Quite Pink:
We have been investing in the energy efficiency of the house. Following the energy audit earlier this year we now have a new propane furnace and heat pump along with a well foamed basement and attic roof. This is all very green but the foam is not green – nor is it pink. It is more sort of peachy.

>> Chairs:
We are planning on new chairs for the house. Tina thought she had a real good deal but then read the fine print. Oh, we need to buy 75! These may be needed in time but for now we are thinking of about 20. Does anyone know of an office auction or some such?