Progress Update: September 26, 2008

>> Buddha rupa Blessing:
The spirit generated last Sunday was delightful and uplifting with both the morning and afternoon sessions well attended. A dhamma talk by Ajahn Chah (in Thai with English translation) was particularly moving. There was, as usual, a lovely shared meal and even the weather blessed us with sunshine. [photo]

>> Samanera Ordination:
Anagarika Laurence will take the going-forth as a Samanera on Sunday, December 14th, after the meal (about 1.00). You are most welcome to come to the monastery on this day. Join us for the meal, then take part in this very auspicious event. Laurence has been with us for just over a year now and it is a joy that he feels happy and confident enough to make this ongoing commitment. Huzzah.!

>> Anagarika Ordination:
We are also very pleased that Joseph will be taking anagarika ordination on Saturday, October 11th. After the meal, before the usual day of mindfulness. You are most welcome to participate.

>> Jewelled Vassa:
During one vassa, early each morning, the Buddha descended a jewelled ladder from Tavatimsa heaven, where he had been teaching his mother. Tisarana’s ladder is very long. It is kind of silvery. And the trees close by are bedecked with colour and light. And our Joseph? Well, he’s just been up and down cleaning the eaves’ troughs. [photo] No harm in dreaming.

>> This kuti Rocks:
The two kutis built last year are getting a series of finishing touches; paint not being the least. The plan is to fill in around the base with rock. No shortage of raw material close to hand. [photo] So, that’s rock – as in the hard stuff, not as in roll – as in dice or (could you imagine such a thing?) being hit by a tractor.

>> Commitment:
Liberation of the heart is possible. Freedom is available. It takes commitment. An ordination is a tangible sign of that. Inspiring. AK