Progress Update: September 21, 2011

>> Kathina:
This is the first year we will celebrate the end of the Vassa, the Asian monsoon season. Here in Canada it is a time when the sangha prepares to enter a new seasonal phase; winter. Kathina is a time of making offerings to the monastery with the traditional focus on the offering of cloth. For our first Kathina the cloth will take the form of a robe for each of the monastic residents. We hope to make this event a regular part of our annual calendar. WHERE: Maberly Community Hall WHEN: 15th October – For more details:

>> Reception Room:
Work on this building continues well with the roof going on as these words are written. Windows should arrive next week and this will have the building closed. The plan is still to be using this for winter. The exciting news is that a very generous donation has spurred us to try and get the covered walkway between the house and the reception room built as well.!

>> Aj Kusalo to DC:
Following on from a visit last year the interest has expanded into two childrens groups and two adult groups. There will also be time this trip to meet with various politicians – although there have so far been no invitations. Failing that the time can be used to go for walks and see a bit of the city.