Progress Update: September 16, 2010

With Kelvin and Tina’s change of plans and venerable Atulo’s impending bhikkhu ordination it is unclear how the mid-day meals at the monastery will happen, especially through the week. There are several possible solutions.
Someone comes to the monastery in the morning and either cooks or offers a prepared meal.
Meals are prepared and frozen at home and delivered to the monastery. Delivery could easily be by another person.
Someone comes to the monastery and prepares a meal using the above meals.
Someone comes to the monastery and offers food to the monks from our freezer. NB. Monks can’t cook but are permitted to (re)heat food.
The committee discussed this issue last Sunday and it was generally felt that the food itself was not the principal hurdle but that the key issue was more ‘someone coming to the monastery.’ So, there are likely two groups of people:
those who can prepare the food – frozen or otherwise
those who can come to the monastery to offer it – in the morning
Delivery is another group but there are always people coming weekends so this is just a matter of coordination.
If you feel you can help in any of these three areas – preparing, offering or delivery – then please contact Tina Prudhomme:
This item probably breaks the record as the longest update ever. A reflection of the committees concern around this matter.

>> Ajahn Sumedho’s Talks:
All the talks that Ajahn gave at Tisarana have been uploaded and will be released weekly. A copy of the talk given in Perth is on the OttawaU site and a copy will be availabe on our site shortly.

>> Winter – Lay Retreat:
As usual the monastery will be on retreat for three months starting early January. Limited space is available for experienced meditators to join this. Please contact the monastery if you are interested.

>> Ottawa University Dhamma:
Ajahn Viradhammo is offering two short courses in meditation at the University of Ottawa in October and November. Anyone interested can check the UofO website.
An Introduction to Buddhist Meditation
Awakened Presence: Buddhist Meditation and the Gentle Art of Letting Go

>> Family Camp:
Seven kids and associated parents spent a happy labour weekend here at the monastery. The weather was variable but even that added an element of fun – as in ‘camping’ in the barn. Craft, songs, treasure hunt, meditation – all worked around the theme of generosity. Great fun.

>> The Dog ate my Homework:
This is one of those ‘can you believe it’ stories of digital corruption where I had the update text all written and ready to go and just waiting for an item confirmation. It arrived and the update file was opened – only to be found half written in what looked like Chinese characters. I kid you not. How? Where? What? When? Anyway, the short of it was that I had to rewrite the second half in a bit of a hurry. There may have been others but I did forget the following item.

>> Weekend of Mindfulness:
A non-residential retreat starting at 5:30am Saturday October 2nd and finishing 4:00pm on Sunday. Alternating walking, sitting and dhamma talks. You are welcome to come for part or all of the sessions just don’t enter part-way through a sitting meditation. If you are joining for the meal at 11:00 please bring a dish. There is limited accommodation in the house for those wanting to take part in both days. Fill out the guest form on the web site.

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