Progress Update: September 15, 2007

>> Dhamma Dates:
Ajahn Viradhammo is resuming meetings at the Pagoda and the Quaker House on alternate Wednesdays and Fridays. The next Pagoda meeting will be on the 26th Sept. and the first Quaker House meeting will be on the 12th October. See the OBS web site for details.

>> DOM Swap:
There will be a Day of Mindfulness at the Pagoda on Saturday the 13th October. Note that this swaps with the DOM at Tisarana which will be on Sunday the 14th.

>> Deer Friend:
The deer continue to visit regularly. Mostly it is the fallen apples that brings them close. Cathy has been gradually drawing them nearer with cut apple slices (apparently their sight is poor but smell good).[photo]

>> Kutis:
After a long discussion at council we now have a building code classification for our kutis. They are classed as “seasonal buildings.” This allows for a simple, kuti-like construction – as opposed to a more ‘residential’ standard. The building plan has been revised and resubmitted to support the permit and, hopefully, this will arrive some time next week.

>> Plucky Lad:
We are trying a small experiment at storing apples. The basement might be a bit warm, the barn too cold but we have an abundance so it is worth giving it a go. Bo bravely rode the tractor bucket up to pick the higher, cleaner fruit. [photo]

>> Chairman:
A friend from Montreal visited recently. His hobby is making rustic furniture and he brought a two-seater bench with him to donate to the monastery. A lovely piece of work which really suits this place. [photo]

>> Continuing:
Tisarana continues to grow as a place for people to come and be quiet. We don’t advertise but people seem to find us. This is wonderful. AK