Progress Update: September 11, 2008

>> White to Brown:
Anagarika Laurence has been invited by the sangha to take the going-forth as a samanera sometime in early December. This is very happy news for all concerned and an encouraging, healthy indicator for the monastery. Sadhu.! We will let you know the date as soon as it has been decided.

>> Big Buddha Blessing:
There will be a dedication/celebration of the standing Buddha in the barn, on Sunday September 21st. Start around 10.30am with precepts and dhamma; the meal at 11.30 with the ceremony at about 12.45. Nuch Tanphaichitr is co-ordinating dana along with many other friends and invites everyone to join in, and bring a dish. Everyone welcome.

>> Hey Day:
It was a little wet which put a bit of a damper on things but a few people turned up and we got quite a lot done. [photo] Wood got shifted, the barn basement got a good tidy, we had a great lunch and generally good fun. Thank you.

>> Ajahn V. transport:
Ajahn Viradhammo needs a ride from and to Ottawa on Saturday for the Day of Mindfulness. Please Contact him if you can help. Because of Vinaya rules, there must be another male in the car. See the Event Calendar for more information.

>> Weekend of Mindfulness:
September – evening 26th to afternoon 28th – At Tisarana. Overnight bookings are now ‘waiting list only’. You are welcome to come during the day. If you are coming for the meal please consider bringing a dish to share.

>> Secret Podcast:
Tucked away in the back room of the monastery R&D department monks are pyretically podcast prepping ready to release a series of Ajahn Viradhammo’s dhamma talks. But, shhhhh, it is a secret – at least until we get it live tested. And that’s where you might come in (‘cos you are one of the special few in the know ;). We need testers, debuggers, guinea pigs. If you are interested in helping test the new podcast system write to

>> Open Source:
A new movement in the digital age but the Buddha was into it way back then. The Dhamma has always been freely available. Lots of R&D but no secrets. If you are interested in testing it join us for a day of mindfulness. AK