Progress Update: October 9, 2009

>> Ordination #1:
Samanera Sumangalo will take the going-forth on Saturday 31st October. You are all invited to come and share the meal at 11.00 then take part in this historic event. We will have four visiting monks (all Canadian!) supporting proceedings as well as the resident sangha. The barn is looking just great and we are optimistic that the rented furnace will be sufficient to supplement the warmth of our joyous assembly. Bring a cushion or stool/chair.

>> Ordination #2:
Anagarika Joe will take samanera ordination on Saturday 21st November. This will bring the brown-robe count up to four. Gladness and delight. We hope to use the new barn space, depending on how well the heating works next Saturday. This will be after the meal around 1.00pm and you are most welcome to join with us for both.

>> Winter Retreat:
As you probably know the monastery spends January, February and March on silent retreat. In previous years we have had lay friends join with us for a week or more to meditate and help out in the kitchen. If you are interested taking part in this retreat period please contact Joe:

>> Ajahn Sumedho:
Yes, he will be at Tisarana from 25th May