Progress Update: October 9, 2007

>> Kutis Obsessio Absentia:
Dear Readers, Please excuse Ajahn Kusalo’s absence over the last few weeks. There has been a high degree of kuti obsession.

>> Constructus Detailium:
Finally! The kuti building permit has been issued and two kutis are underway. On account of the Canadian-freeze the foundations have to be either 48″ below ground, or sit on bedrock. Doug the digger dug up a lot of dirt. [photo] Much concrete was (hand) mixed and poured. We have three men helping us build the kutis and progress is good. We had a lovely blessing ceremony on Saturday with the ‘Day of Mindfulness’ group joining us to place small buddha images in the foundations. [photo] It is planned to have both kutis habitable before winter.

>> Day of Mindfulness:
The forthcoming DoM at Tisarana will be on Sunday 14th (not Saturday) – 2pm – as Ajahn Viradhammo will be leading a DoM at the Pagoda (see the OBS web site) on the 13th.

>> Heated Delivery:
A friend very generously gave us a small furnace (complete with tank and oil) and it is planned to use this to heat the meditation module. It was a days work there and back; empty the tank and load everything on the truck. The tank is in [photo] but we still need to connect the furnace. Overall, this is the second phase of the module – can we use it through the winter – and at what cost. The bottom line is ‘can we fully utilise the barn?’

>> Oportunus Awareness:
Lorem ipsum dolor – words too many galore. Ahhh, the silence – within the sound. AK