Progress Update: October 4, 2008

>> Anagarika Ordination:
Joseph will officially leave the home life for homelessness on Saturday, October 11th. You are welcome to join us for the meal at 11.30 and participate in the ordination ceremony after that; about 1:00pm.

>> The WOM Report:
The Weekend of Mindfulness was mindfully held last weekend. The house was (mind)full, the module was likewise with several people dropping in during the day. The regular Day of Mindfulness slotted in seamlessly, the food was great and the weather was – seasonally Canadian.

>> Laying Foundations:
We have two building projects on the go at the moment. [photo] The utility building is a temporary (5 years?) experiment to see what services work and what else might be required. It is being built using a lot of recycled material; eg. the old pool liner as the roof. Our next kuti has a council permit but no funds. Still, using our own labour, the foundations can be laid for the cost of a few bags of cement.

>> Softer Sangha:
There was a time when monks confronted wild tigers, slept under trees, mixed concrete in a wheel barrow with a shovel. And now, those Tisarana monks, have an electric concrete mixer. [photo] Is it time to bring back the hair shirt? But we have no goats. Import a few cobras? Or, just enjoy the technology?

>> Monk Hosting:
Venerable Jotipalo will be arriving at Ottawa airport on Friday the 18th, 7pm. Is there anyone able to pick him up and offer overnight accomodation so he can travel to the monastery on Saturday with Ajhan Viradhammo?

>> AGM:
The Annual General Meeting for Tisarana will be held on Saturday, October 25th. This will be after the meal and before the regular Day of Mindfulness. Join us for all three.

>> Autumn Carpet:
Each leaf on the ground a different shape, a different colour, together a beautifully blended array. So too, those beings with reflective virtue. AK