Progress Update: October 20, 2011

Hello, here’s the latest news from Tisarana.

>> Days of Mindfulness
Ajahn Kusalo and Ajahn Viradhammo will be away from the monastery from October 21st to November 17th. Days of Mindfulness will continue during this time. Venerable Atulo will time the meditations and play a recorded talk.

>> Ajahn Viradhammo in India
Ajahn Viradhammo has touched down in Delhi to start his India pilgrimage. He currently staying at a friend’s house. He will be there for a couple of days before setting out for the holy sites.

>> Reception Room
Lots of progress is being made on the new reception room. Drywall is up, and most of the siding is on the outside. Have a look when you come by.

>> Winter Steward
Come and stay at the monastery during the winter retreat. We are currently looking for kitchen stewards. Potential stewards must have stayed at Tisarana before, be willing to help with the cooking. Please contact Venerable Atulo for details.