Progress Update: October 17, 2008

>> Counting down:
The winter retreat is still a while off but we are counting down the days remaining (see: Home Page). We are considering both the work left for us to do and the opportunity for you to visit. We are not closed over the winter but we are in silent retreat mode. 74 is the current count.!

>> Ordination:
The Anagarika ordination for Joseph last Saturday went extremely well. Three generations of his family joined us, both for the ceremony and for the meditation Day-of-Mindfulness. He remembered all his lines and delivered them with a strong, confident voice. In counting mode… the ordained sangha now numbers four. Photo to come.

>> Big Crowds:
As part of the winter count down we have reinstated the end wall of the meditation module. So, if you were thinking of being a big crowd of meditators it might be a bit squeezy, nay, say not so – cosy will it be.! Come as a small crowd; come as a faithful flock, a happy horde, a mindful mob – either way, we will fit you in.

>> Yet another Count:
Dracula? No, the days ’till new year. We will be having a midnight meditation/dhamma vigil and have already started collecting wood for a bonfire for the ritual burning of regrets, loss, disappointments, attachments, etc. More details later.

>> AGM:
The Annual General Meeting for Tisarana will be held on Saturday, October 25th. This will be after the meal and before the regular Day of Mindfulness. Join us for all three.

>> Kuti Update:
The concrete foundations have been finished and all that remains is to tidy the site ready for construction next year. [photo]

>> Chickens:
Count them by all means but, not before they hatch. Wise? or plagia rise? AK