Progress Update: October 12, 2010

>> Atulo’s Higher Ordination:
Having been with the community for over two years it is very happy news that Samanera Atulo will take the going-forth as a Bhikkhu on the 14th November. The ceremony will be held at the Civitan Hall on Craig Street, Perth [Hwy 43]. MAP You are invited to join us and share a meal at 11.00am and then take part in the ordination (about 1.00pm). We are fortunate to have monks from several monasteries joining us; Ajahn Sona from BC, Ajahn Punnadhammo from Arrow River, Ajahn Karunadhammo from California. Ayya Medhanandhi from Sati Saraniya will also be with us. Quite the family gathering. We hope that you can come.

>> Weekend of Mindfulness:
This was very well attended both by friends staying overnight and by local visitors and people from Ottawa and Toronto. The non-residential format is very easy to organise and we hope to have more of these weekends next year. Thank you to all those who brought food and helped out in the kitchen.

>> Hotting Up:
That’s what things are doing at Tisarana. We have our new heat pump and should have the new furnace operating next week; we just need to get the propane tank delivered and connected. There are also plans to have a wood-burning insert fitted in the existing fire place in the sitting room. Combined with the peachy-keen insulation put in a couple of weeks ago the house will be real cosy for the winter.

>> Life and Death:
It is a maxim that the former requires the latter and our forest is not exempt. Planted over 20 years ago it is becoming increasingly choked and we have begun work on thinning. Basically every second tree needs to go – a polite euphemism. There are A LOT of trees and the project will probably run through for most of next year. If you are coming to the monastery you could help – even for 10 minutes. Ask Ajahn Kusalo or (soon to be Bhikkhu) Atulo. Light work for little ones, heavy work for heavy dudes.

>> Inter-religious Dana:
Following on from the previous item… to anyone who would like a Christmas tree. We are keeping the trunks for firewood but the tops are very seasonally celebratory. You could get them anytime and keep them in a bucket of water, or come closer to time. Be prepared to saw or chop – we have the gear. All you need to bring is fresh Refuges and Precepts authentication. Your card is up to date isn’t it?

>> Meditation Hall:
It is becoming increasingly clear that we need a meditation hall. We have begun discussions with a local architect and will see what ideas he comes up with. The initial meeting with him highlighted the lack of definition we had around our requirements. There have since been several sangha discussions and a few things have been specifically defined. A sketch has been drawn up showing the possible relationship of new and existing. This is far from final but the ball is in play and rolling. A separate page will be on the web site shortly showing conceptual and actual progress as it unfolds.

>> Upasika:
A new study program from Tisarana is being initiated for those who would like to strengthen their commitment to meditation practice and the study of Buddhism as presented in the Pali Canon and the Forest Sangha tradition. program details