Progress Update: November 6, 2008

>> Children’s Dhamma:
The November class was well attended with two new families bringing attendance up to ten children. After the usual introductory puja we looked at the five precepts. The bowing song was great fun with everyone getting due respect. We then decorated bodhi leaves. [photo]

>> Venerable Visit:
Bhante Jotipalo stayed with us for about two weeks. His visit was enjoyed by all and his contribution to the work around the monastery much appreciated. He returns to Arrow River, where he has been staying for the last year, and then on to New Zealand where he will be resident at Vimutti Monastery just south of Auckland. Bon voyage. [photo]

>> Furniture Rustique:
Our good friend Andre from Montreal has been with us again and brought us two more of his wonderful rustic craftworks. They really do suit the style of the place. Sadhu.! 2x[photo]

>> TUB Progress:
The (temp) utility building now has a roof and almost all that remains to be done is fitting the door. We are still not sure how to work the water element. A conveniently placed dead pine tree has provided fuel but… where does the water come from during the winter?

>> First Snow:
We have had our early warning with quite a change in temperature. There was a (mindful) scramble to get the shovels out; fortunately not required just yet. Despite the cold everyone has been outdoors tidying up the last few work projects before we focus more on inside work before the start of the winter retreat. 3x[photo]

>> The Wind:
The leaves on the trees fall.