Progress Update: November 5, 2011

Saturday, November 5th, 2011

Hello, here’s the latest news from Tisarana…

>> New Kitchen Volunteer
Our normal steward, Raymond O’Neill is away for hip surgery. His surgery is on the 8th, and we wish him a successful operation and a speedy recovery. With Raymond away, we have been joined by Rocky Drake, who has taken over as kitchen steward. Rocky has come all the way from Guelph, and we are grateful for his presence. Be sure to say hello the next time you are at Tisarana.

>> Bhante Rahula Visit
Bhante Rahula stopped by for a visit on Thursday. He is in town teaching a retreat at the Ottawa Buddhist Society. The last time he was at Tisarana, the property had just been purchased. Venerable Atulo took him on a tour to show him all the progress that has been made since that time. It was very nice of Bhante Rahula to take time out of his busy schedule to visit.

>> Ajahn Viradhammo in India
Ajahn’s India trip appears to be going well. He has already passed through the holy sites and is currently staying in the mountains. He writes, “Greetings from Sravasti. Stan and I are delighted to be in the land of the Buddha and in the place where he spent over 20 years teaching. The devas have been smiling on us this trip and we have been well supported by Thai monasteries and Thai pilgrims. What has impressed us the most is the devotion displayed by the many pilgrims from Burma, Sri Lanka, Thailand and Korea. We feel very blessed to have the opportunity and privilege of visiting the holy places and are grateful for all the support we have received. Every day brings unexpected surprises and good fortune and there is lots of time for reflection and meditation as well. Blessings and greetings to all.” Our best wishes to Ajahn for a fruitful pilgrimage.

>>Ajahn Kusalo in New Zealand
Things appear to be coming along for Ajahn Kusalo in New Zealand. He is currently visiting the monastery there. He writes, “The place itself is so beautiful. The trees and birds are so uplifting. The weather has been a bit damp but… this is Stokes Valley… The sun is shining as I write. I have a very nice kuti and am being well looked after by the residents.” It is nice to hear that his trip is going well.

>> Winter Steward
Come and stay at the monastery during the winter retreat. We are currently looking for kitchen stewards. Potential stewards must have stayed at Tisarana before, and be willing to help with the cooking. Minimum stay is one week. Please contact Venerable Atulo for details at