Progress Update: November 4, 2010

>> Atulo’s Ordination:
Everything is on track for Atulo’s going-forth on the 14th of November at the Civitan Hall on Craig Street, Perth [Hwy 43]. MAP: Ordinations are such inspiring community events and we would be pleased if you are able to join us. Come and share a meal at 11.00am then the ceremony at (about) 1pm.

>> Site Development:
The growth of a relatively young monastery involves many stages. We have been observing the dynamics over the last four years and are getting to a point where some informed decisions can be made around infrastructure. The need for a dedicated meditation hall is increasingly obvious. Consideration of what is required for such a hall has brought focus to the more immediate usefulness of an all-season reception room. This will be in the same area and will replace the old pool house. A new area of the web site has been put together to give information about overall development > Site Development

>> Barn:
One part of site development is the barn. We have an engineer compiling a list of work required to make it suitable for assembly use and we should know the financial feasibility before the end of the year. See the new web site area for details.

>> Bridge:
Over troubled waters? No, the waters are fine but the timbers that span them are suffering. Old age, sickness and death strikes again on the way to the wetland through the spruce forest. And it is the thinning of that said same forest that is providing the replacement bridge timbers. Spruce will rot out in a few years but – the quick fix is often the quickest. [photo]

>> Forest Again:
To anyone who would like a Christmas tree. The trees we are cutting in the forest have stereotypical tops that would make ideal seasonal decoration. There are a lot that will just otherwise rot. As will we all, seasonally decorative or not.

>> Chairs:
In our never ending quest for your posterial safety and comfort we have purchased several new folding chairs. These are not only more comfortable than the assorted collection we had been using but bring a tidy sense of uniformity.

>> Shelving:
More tidy uniformity in the office with new shelving and filing systems. It is surprising how much ‘stuff’ even a small operation like ours requires. Storage is an ongoing issue and once the feasible parameters of the barn have been established we will develop the basement there with several storage areas. Even so we are not fully exempt from Mr. Murphy’s law that states something like “there is always 1.34 times more stuff than space to store it.” We even need to be careful that the mind does not succumb to this maxim.