Progress Update: November 18th, 2012

Another New Community Member

We are happy to welcome Bhante Subharo to Tisarana.  Bhante is originally from Sitavana (Birken) Forest Monastery in British Columbia.  Bhante will be joining us on the 27th of November.  He plans to stay indefinitely.  Tisarana is growing!

Workshop Renovation

The workshop is coming along.  Our excellent builders, Lorrie and Kyle, have put siding around half of the building.  We’ll post some photos shortly.

Ajahn Kusalo’s Latest News

We heard from Ajahn Kusalo recently.  He is doing very well in New Zealand.  Everything seems to be running smoothly at Bodhinyanarama.  Sadhu Ajahn Kusalo!

New Year’s Celebration

As is our custom, there will be a new year’s eve celebration on the 31st of December.  Join us at 7pm for meditation and a Dhamma talk.  After the talk, there will be a bonfire — bring your own marshmallows!  If you can stay until 12pm, we’ll ring in the new year with meditation and some chanting.

Winter Retreat Approaches

We’re looking forward to our annual winter retreat.  The retreat will run from early January until late March.  The monks typically devote themselves to meditation and study during this time.

Luang Por Viradhammo will leave in January to visit Thailand.  He will return in February to finish the retreat with the community.