Progress Update: November 18, 2011

Hello, here’s the latest news from Tisarana.

Ajahn Viradhammo Returns

Ajahn Viradhammo arrived back at the monastery yesterday, after a very successful pilgrimage in India. He will be at the monastery from November 17th through the 29th. From November 30th through December 5th, he will be leading a retreat in Peterborough. Following his Peteborough retreat, he will be at the monastery until December 11th, at which time he will leave for a trip to various monasteries around the world. He will return to Tisarana again in mid May, 2012. If you have the time, be sure to stop by and pay Ajahn a visit while he’s here.

Day of Mindfulness Schedule

There will not be any monks at the monastery from November 30th through December 4th. Therefore, the Day of Mindfulness on Saturday, December 4th will be cancelled. Ajahn Viradhammo will teach the Day of Mindfulness at the Ottawa Buddhist Society on Saturday, December 10th. Therefore, there will be no Day of Mindfulness at Tisarana that Saturday. However, a Day of Mindfulness will take place at Tisarana on Sunday, December 11th. This will be the last Day of Mindfulness conducted by Ajahn Tisarana before he leaves for his trip.

Bhantes Khemaratana and Jivananda Visit

Bhantes Khemaratana and Jivananda visited Tisarana this past Sunday. They stopped by on their way back to Toronto, after visiting Bhante Rahula in Ottawa. Both of these Venerables currently reside at Mahamevna Asapura in Markham. Bhante Khemaratana was a former resident at Tisarana, and Bhante Jivananda has spent several weeks here. It was very nice to have the both by for a visit.

Kusala Sala

Kusala sala, our new meditation/monk’s dining hall, is coming along nicely. The floor has just been stained and polished. The electrical installation, moulding, and painting are still to be done.

Winter Retreat

Come and stay at the monastery during the winter retreat. We are currently looking for kitchen stewards. Potential stewards must book for a minimum of one week, and they must have stayed at the monastery before. If you are interested, please send in a booking form to Venerable Atulo.