Progress Update: November 14, 2009

>> Anagarika Joe’s Ordination:
Anagarika Joe will take the going-forth as Samanera ??? His new name is a surprise. The white to the brown. You can get it live, along with a shared meal, chanting, ritual, dhamma, kalyanamitta and so much more on Saturday November 21st. The ceremony will begin after lunch, about 1.00pm. Car pooling will not only save gas but make parking here a lot easier. We hope you can come.

>> New Year’s Eve:
It is a good way off but a few people have been enquiring about staying at the monastery overnight. This is not a problem although there may be only floor space available (beds for the elderly and infirm). Please fill out the ‘guest booking form’ (participate>visiting). We will start at 7pm with chanting then meditation, a dhamma talk, a walk, a fire, some reflections mixed in with various etc.

>> Your Winter Retreat:
January, February and March are a time of retreat at Tisarana. We reserve space in the house for lay friends to come and join us for a week or more. If you are interested in staying at Tisarana during any of this time please contact Joe:

>> Ajahn Sumedho Visit 2010:
Thanks to those who filled out the participation survey. If you are planning on taking part in any of the events (see: Participate>Ajahn Sumedho’s Visit) and haven’t filled out the survey please do. To offer time and help in the kitchen please contact Anoma:

>> Did You Hear:
About a piece of wild, open land; probably way out in the boonies, maybe 200+ acres, uncorrupted, unused country, maybe not even with road access? If you did Ajahn Kusalo would enjoy also hearing. Ahhhhh, the vision, the insight, intuition (the delirium? 🙂