Progress Update: November 1, 2007

>> Newsletter:
Many of you may have recieved this by post. It is now on the web site and a PDF download is available at the end of the second page.

>> Tax Receipts:
We have managed to streamline this process somewhat and these will now be issued by email – as a PDF file. It saves Marion quite a bit of work and of course saves the monastery the stationery and stamps. Green and clean.

>> Winter Retreat:
It is still a way off but just to let you know that we will be on retreat for most of January, February and March. We will try to keep any group activities posted on the events calendar.

>> New Year’s Vigil:
Again, a little early but plan to come should you wish. For the whole day or just for the evening. Program details a bit later.

>> Kutis:
The continuing saga continues! There is light at the end of the tunnel – and snow all over the porch [photos]. At the time of writing the dry-wall has been fitted (do you know any handy mudders?) and the stoves are in and operational; to be inspected on Friday. There is still a bit of finishing work but they are both pretty much ready for occupation – Ajahn K in one and Bhante Khemmaratana in the other. Whoopeee.!

>> Barn Module:
The end wall is almost finished and it just remains to connnect up the heater. It is hoped that this space will be available over the winter retreat (Jan-March, more on this later) and you are most welcome to come visit and make use of it. If it doesn’t come together you are also welcome to join us for meditation in the house.

>> Snow:
The last of the autumn leaves have been raked [photo] and the first of the winter snow has been shovelled. A new winter photo album has been created on the site and our first monastic retreat is not far away. We have been here a full year and much that is good has happened.

>> Completion:
The kutis seem as if they never will be – but the moment always is. AK.