Progress Update: May 9, 2008

>> Ajahn Sumedho:
Dates have been confirmed for Luang Por Sumedho’s visit next year: 20th April — 4th May 2009. It is hoped that there will be a variety of events that will involve as many people as possible. Details are slowly coming together and will be posted over the next few months.

>> Vesak DATE:
So focussed on the specifics that the main detail was overlooked, the date.! MAY 17th, this coming Saturday. Ten o’clock start. The Buddha life, the living buddha. Details on the Events Calendar.

>> Screen Test:
Auditions are being held at Tisarana for “buddha of the moment.” Everyone is eligible – to be ‘buddha (knowing dhamma)’. The current favourite for the residential position [photo] will be arriving at Tisarana (via Thailand via Montreal) toward the end of the month. There will be a procession from Montreal with a celebratory dana at the monastery. If you would like to join the procession or participate in any way please contact Dianne: bookings {@}

>> Visiting Monks:
What a delight to have contact with young monks so obviously benefitting from their committment to the holy life. [photo]

>> First Pindapat:
Being a very young monastery there are a succession of ‘firsts.’ The resident sangha recently went on its first pindapat to a neighbourly supporter’s house. [photo] It is such a defining part of our tradition and there are thoughts to go alms round in Perth.

>> Contentment:
There are many good reasons to be so. AK