Progress Update: May 9, 2007

>> Vesak – 26th May:
The Pagoda has been double booked so we are having Vesak at the monastery. More details to follow

>> Photos:
There are quite a few this week. Please note that all references to photos are to the photo gallery on the web site. The news update rarely has links and never has email attachments – small and simple, that’s the key.

>> Shrine:
Thanks to a couple of kind gifts the house shrine has been enhanced. A lovely stone Buddha image and a very elegant reliquary. (see photo)

>> de Fenceless:
Thanks to the persistant efforts of several people the two fences on either side of the house lot have been removed. It is surprising how the absence of such a little bit of wire opens up the space. (see photo)

>> Kuti Kurtains:
Alan has moved into the Opanayiko kuti. We had an official curtain hanging ceremony and it all looks very nice. Small and simple, that’s the key. (see photo)

>> Marion Returns:
Her trip was very successful. A good visit with Jarvis in San Quentin and a hearty stay in Vancouver. (see photo)

>> Sound Favourites:
One of those rare links…