Progress Update: May 7, 2009

>> Vesak:
The traditional story tells of the birth, enlightenment and parinibbana of Gotama the Buddha taking place on the full moon in the month of Vesak. The wheel of Dhamma set turning in the world. Join us on Saturday 9th to celebrate this auspicious occasion.
10:00 Precepts and chanting with meditation, readings and reflections.
11:00 Rice pindapat.
11:30 Shared meal.
1:00 Dhamma talk, readings and reflections.
2:00 Closing chanting.
After this there will be an opportunity to have a look at the kutis; take the tour.
See you on Saturday.

>> Working Bee:
It was all quite the buzz, the buzz. There were enough people so that several projects could be allocated to different groups. The new module extension was painted, several sections of old cedar-rail fence were taken down, the Passadhi kuti (finally) got exterior paint, several pit toilets were dug, the kuti river crossing was finished, rasberries were pulled, the garden shed was well cleaned and good fun was had by all. 6x [photo]

>> Ajahn Viradhammo; Ottawa U:
As part of the continuing education programme – The Four Noble Truths: the complete path.
May 14th – Bringing the breath into practice.
May 21 – Meditation on loving-kindness.
May 28 – Focussing on body awareness.
June 4 – A life spent in choiceless awareness.
For more details see the university web site

>> Non-residential Retreat:
Ajahn Kusalo will be leading a weekend in Ottawa exploring the 16 levels of practice outlined in the Anapanasati Sutta.
Friday: 7:00-9:30 pm – Tu-An Pagoda
Saturday: 9:00am-6:00pm – Tu-An Pagoda
Sunday: 9:00am-3:00pm – Dieu Khong Temple
See the OBS web site for more detail.

>> Getting Unstuck:
If all the events listed above aren’t quite enough then perhaps a power winch and a wire rope might do the trick. The monastery tractor sat stuck in muddy defilements for nearly a week. [photo] Couldn’t go forward. Couldn’t go backward. Ahhhh. Release at last. It might just work for you – just be careful where you tie the rope.