Progress Update: May 4, 2010

>> Work Weekend:
This Saturday and Sunday, May 8 & 9, to help with preparations for Ajahn Sumedho’s visit. We will work from 8 am to 5 pm BOTH DAYS, taking a break for meals and the Saturday 1pm program. There is space available to stay overnight, so you can make a weekend of it; book through the website. We will have work for people of all abilities and skills (or lack thereof).

>> Vesak Program:
09:00 Ajahn Sumedho gives 8 precepts 09:30 Suggested arrival time (earlier is better) 10:00 Welcome / introduction 10:15 Children’s devotional songs 10:30 Rice pindapat 11:30 Lunch 01:30 Children’s Jataka Play – Abhaya Auspicious chanting Dhamma Talk Once-a-year Kuti tours

>> Toronto Visit:
A group of about 20 people associated with Toronto’s Mahamevanawa Temple came and spent Saturday at Tisarana joining with the regular dhamma program and helping with work. Various projects were seen to but the rain eventually drove us into the barn where several staging platforms were constructed. [photo]

>> Porch Cover:
A temporary cover is being built over the porch outside the kitchen to extend available space during Ajahn Sumedho’s visit. It is a very simple affair but will take the load off the kitchen. [photo]

>> Bypass:
Access to the monastic area across the stream has tended to be right past venerable Atulo’s kuti. A new trail has been established to direct traffic around the side of the hill. [photo]