Progress Update: May 30, 2007

>> Vesak:
What a great day we had. The weather was not too hot, not too cold. Not too many bugs. Two extra portaloos. Could this be heaven? Ajahn Viradhammo introduced the morning and offered several readings from the Buddha’s life story, focussing on birth and enlightenment. The children then presented a splendid rendition of the enlightenment [view video:]. A joyous rice pindapad followed by a shared lunch. Tea and chat. Death (of the Buddha). The natural order of things. What a joy it is to gather in these simple ways; celebration, reflection, meditation. The monastery is working well.

>> The Monastic Month:
June will see quite a few monastics visiting Tisarana. Sister Mon has been here for a few days already and Bhante Khemaratana arrives today. Both are staying for about a month. We will also have Ajahns Sucitto & Punnadhammo and Venerable Pavaro, although not all at the same time.

>> Floods:
Some of you may have entered the basement door and stepped into a large puddle inches deep. No more.! Several water outlets were feeding into a very old non-soaking, soak pit. A bit of plastic magic and these are now exiting via the main soakage field. Your best socks can once again be worn with impunity – and trousers, or skirts please.

>> Casa:
Denny’s dog Casa passed away peacefully last Friday. We laid the body on the lawn under a tree and offered blessing chants, the Buddha’s words on Loving-Kindness and reflections on impermanence: “All that is born must die. With its passing, there is peace.”

>> Wellness:
As part of our water treatment/purification program we are having an above-ground well-head fitted and an ultra-violet screen. This should ensure water purity for much time to come. But where is the well? Anagarika Alan sets forth with a mission. [photo]

>> Sweet Spring Rain:
Cleansing, life bringing. Birds sing and frogs croak. Life rejoices. A.K.