Progress Update: May 27, 2010

>> Friday Volunteers:
We still need volunteers this Friday, May 27 to get ready for Vesak. It is an Uposatha day (Full Moon) so we will also have a 2 PM meditation. Ajahn Sumedho will be here for the meal.

>> Parking Volunteers – Vesak:
We need four people on the 29th to help with parking from 9:30 to 11:30 and four more from 11:00 to 1:00. If you can help, contact Bhante Khema:

>> Vesak Detail:
If you would like to sit on the ground, bring a cushion. We will have some chairs available. Food should be brought ready to serve – no re-heating facilities. Park in the old golf course. See the schedule on the website for details

>> Visit During the Week:
We will be asking Ajahn Sumedho to give a morning reflection after the 7:15 breakfast. There may also be the opportunity to chat after the 11:00 lunch. Please join us.

>> Food to Share:
When you come to the monastery for the meal, you may want to bring food ready to eat. We will also need groceries during this time as well. The dana page on the website will be updated regularly.

>> Dhamma Talk – Sunday:
Ajahn Sumedho will give a talk at 1:00 pm this Sunday, May 27 at Tisarana.

>> Canoe Retreat:
August 14-20, Lac LaPeche, Gatineau. Only one space left so be quick. Write to Tina: